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This blog post is a tribute to all Mother’s out there who always look out for their children.

It’s coming up to Mother’s Day, and it’s probably a good idea to chat about more ways mums can help out; as if they don’t do enough already!  

This post applies to Dads as well, but we’ll spin it up again on Father’s Day with the title Can Your Dad Help You Get a Job? We like to repurpose content here at Jobhop!  

Let’s make this clear, we’re not saying that you should get your mum to call the number on the job advert and apply for you, that would be awful but believe it or not, there are some mums that do that!  

These are the suggested ways your mum can help you get a job.

Listen out for you 

Mums can be part of a large community, they’ve made friends on school runs, school fetes, dance classes, Sunday football, your mum is a professional networker, but she probably doesn’t even know it. Ask your mum to keep her ear to the ground, and if any of her connections mention that they’re looking to recruit, she could put a word in for you.

Check your CV 

Your mum has been in your position, sending out CVs to employers, she probably has a better idea of what employers are looking for. A fresh pair of eyes to give your CV the once over is always good; make your mum a cuppa then tell her you’ve got her something to read.  

Mock interview 

If your mum ever wanted to be on stage, she will love this! It's role-playing, all she has to do is pretend to be the employer who’s holding the interview. She will run through some typical questions that you’ll probably be asked at the interview, if she struggles with interview questions there are plenty of apps that will select the questions to ask to make your mock interview a success. 

A couple of job interview question apps are Simugator and Monster interviews. 

Help to prepare 

Mums are usually good at getting prepared, so if you need to know where the car park is, where the nearest bus stop is, or how to tie a tie, then your mum can help.

Don’t ask her to iron your shirt or clean your shoes as that’s taking her for granted, ask your dad to help you with those!  


Your mum is probably the person who believes in you more than anyone. She’s the one who thinks you’ve got a great singing voice, is the best-looking person on the planet and thinks you’re a natural born genius. Now, you need some of your mum’s belief in you to rub off on yourself.  Ask your mum to point out five of your good points, don’t give her a free reign or she will keep reeling them off. Once you have your top five good points say to yourself “ I will get this job because I have … point number one, followed by point number two and so on, then repeat. 

So, there you have it, mums are the best!

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Julie Bishop

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On: 2018-03-06 12:57:20.448