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What we know is that bias stems from humans; it’s humans that decide whether they prefer to employ more men, fewer women, more attractive people, fewer people of colour, fewer people of a certain age etc…

Some humans are completely biased and then others have unconscious bias… which means someone can automatically process information to make a wrong decision too quickly, upon all the prejudices they have accumulated in their lifetime. 

Did you know that some recruiters seek to recruit people who are just like them! Opposites don’t attract, it’s actually like attracts like. So somebody who looks similar, dresses similar to the recruiter, similar accent, has the same hobbies and interests, stands a better chance than someone with the same skills but is different in looks and likes.

How about when a recruiter asks two applicants completely different interview questions, is that fair? Sometimes it happens because the recruiter favours one over the other but has to provide evidence that the other has failed, so it’s done unfairly. 

If biased humans input data into the ai then guess what? artificial intelligence will end up bias. Ai is neutral but AI learns from humans and that’s when problems can arise. Algorithms are as good as the data fed to them.

Going forward, what must happen for artificial intelligence to work, is to input it with data from different sources.

In an ideal world, AI will remain neutral, bias will be eliminated, interview questions preset, candidate selections analysed, recruiters observed and suggestions made for improvement. 

Of course, nothing will ever be perfect but artificial intelligence will be able to help many companies create a multi-skilled, diverse, inclusive and equal workplace. 

AI is only concerned about a candidates competency, can they do the job? It's as simple as that!

Over 50% of job seekers believe that artificial intelligence will improve the recruiting process and make it less bias. 

Artificial intelligence to help with recruiting can only be a good thing, it should help many candidates to not feel discriminated against during any part of the recruitment process. 

Are you looking to eliminate bias from your recruitment process?

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