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Do businesses need social media right now? We think they do! 

Job vacancies are at a record high and the sectors worst hit are health, hospitality, retail, manufacturing and transport. It doesn't stop with just those sectors, it seems businesses everywhere have taken a hit.

Two major events have contributed to the workforce in the UK shrinking, Brexit and Covid. 

Brexit left vacant positions as European workers headed back to their countries, then the Covid pandemic hit making the situation a lot worse. Those empty vacancies leftover from Brexit stayed unfilled and then more people left the workforce as they sought a better way of life. 

Covid isn't going away, and while it keeps mutating it's throwing businesses into disarray. Employers don't know if they'll have to shut shop if their workforce comes down sick or if they're forced to isolate themselves. Their business may have a lack of customers which then doesn't make it viable for them to keep trading or there's another enforced lockdown. 

You might ask, how will social media help businesses with all of that? 

 Businesses can't operate without employees and at the moment job seekers can take their pick, so why should they work for your organisation?  

This is where social media can help your business. 

Social media can be a mix of platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and more. Social media can also include podcasts, videos, reels, webinars, blogs, and the rest. 

Use social media to show candidates your business

Allow candidates to get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes at your business. Do employees work in nice surroundings or great locations? 

Showcase projects 

If you can and your projects are not confidential then use social media to showcase them. Exciting projects will help to hook candidates. 

Feature your employees 

People feel comfortable when they feel like they belong. Featuring your employees on social media can help the candidate see who they could be working with. It's always good for candidates to find employees who have similar interests, it's bonding. 

Talk about the mission 

Candidates want more than just a job, they want to feel like they belong. Someone who is on a mission to make changes in the world with a team of like-minded people is probably going to enjoy their work a lot more than a person who hasn't got a mission to fulfil. With that in mind use social media to talk about the mission your business is on.

Highlight the benefits 

What benefits are there at your organisation that the candidate won't get at your competitors? Benefits are important so highlight them on social media. If you offer gym membership that's great but equally so is free car parking or flexi-time.

Hybrid and remote working 

Not all businesses can offer hybrid or remote working but if yours does then share posts about it. If your employees can share pics of themselves hybrid working or working remotely then that's great. Even better is to share pictures of everyone on a zoom call, that way candidates can see that there's a strong team even without the need to be in an office/workplace. 

Show what the onboarding looks like 

For many people these days it's all very different when starting a new job. The onboarding experience could all be entirely online, so what does that look like? Is there a start-up package sent out? Explain how things are different but how it doesn't dampen the onboarding experience or affect the support available. 

Use social media to promote the training

How does the company provide training in a Covid-19 world? Probably not in the classroom anymore but you're still providing it so use social media to chat about the training. Use images to show how newbies are still supported or how training for the next part of someones' career is delivered.   

Many businesses go wrong by only using social networks to post jobs.

Now, we're not saying you can't use social media for posting jobs, but if you only do that you'll just end up in a sea of many other vacant jobs.

We're saying think more about the candidate you're trying to attract and what they're interested in and then create content that will hook them, reel them in, and make them want to work for your business.

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