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The use of generative AI like ChatGPT is legitimate and helpful

But, what if some candidates are using it to provide false information, misrepresent their skills, or are completely dishonest throughout the recruitment process? 

Ethical conduct is crucial for both candidates and recruiters to ensure a fair and transparent hiring process.

First of all, recruiters should be up to speed with how some candidates are gaming the system, and how they could end up hiring very badly indeed.

Scrap the cover letter 

It's going to be too easy for candidates to tell ChatGPT to create a cover letter to meet the requirements of the job post. Before you get bombarded with cover letters that all look the same just scrap cover letters now.

Remote interview cheats 

Could your candidate be inputting the questions asked into ChatGPT?  All they need is another device nearby and whilst looking at you they could be typing the questions and getting the answers in seconds. Or, if they don't want to lose eye contact with you they could have someone on the other side of their device getting the answers for them.

Rethink tests

If you're used to setting candidates tests to be completed before they're invited to an interview then you might want to rethink how those tests are done. It's now too easy to input a test into ChatGPT and ask it to output a completed test. If you must have a test completed then it might be the case of watching the candidate complete it via the webcam.  

Validation challenges

Validating candidates is going to be more challenging. AI makes it easy for candidates to look spectacular on a resume but what if it's not the real deal? In many companies the recruitment process is a long and tedious one; will validating these perfect resumes slow the process down even more? 

Negative impact on diversity hiring 

Disadvantaged or diverse candidates could have less access to technology giving other candidates with access an advantage.

More tools required 

Tools are coming onto the market to help recruiters detect if AI has been used. Tools like ZeroGPT  which is currently free to use will help and ironically if you input the text into ChatGPT and ask if the text was generated by ChatGPT it will tell you.

You might think that the candidate has an absolute cheek and is completely unethical for using generative AI like ChatGPT in the application or interview process. Look at it from the candidate's angle though; those candidates who are using tools like ChatGPT are up-to-date and innovative, and they're using technology to make life easier for them. They understand the prompts to input into generative AI to get the results they're seeking, this is a skill that all workplaces require today if they are to succeed.

Going forward recruiters now need to ensure a multi-layered recruitment process that includes face-to-face interactions, skill assessments, and reference checks all of which can help verify the authenticity of candidates' claims.

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