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Marketing jobs must be glamorous, or that's what everyone thinks! 

Nowadays, many people in marketing work remotely, some not leaving their homes, some leading a digital nomad existence. However, this doesn't mean that their jobs aren't perceived as glamorous.  There are some job roles in marketing that are very glamorous; some have a bit of glamour, and then there are the other marketing jobs that are far from glamorous.

What glamorous marketing jobs are there?

There's one thing that everyone should understand – glamorous does not necessarily mean you'll be dripping in jewels and money. There are certain businesses that might have this attribute attached to them but are not profitable. On the other hand, some of the businesses are not considered glamorous at all, yet they have plenty of moolah in the bank account.

For example, Loreal could be considered top of the class, employees working there can have both glamorous and well-paid jobs. To every Loreal there are thousands of online beauty and fashion businesses which struggle; you could get a great marketing job with them but not necessarily a well-paid one. However, the experience you gain working there could lead on to better-paid jobs in the future. 

There are also businesses which are not so glamorous, businesses which offer handy help such as plumbing, painting, gardening, hardware, etc. Marketing roles for these type of businesses are considered far from glamorous; however, these jobs can be very interesting, especially if you're someone who loves a challenge, marketing a radiator or a new electric drill requires some creativity.

What positions in digital marketing are prestigious? 

Digital marketing is a rapidly expanding area, and many new jobs are opening up all the time. That means glamorous marketing jobs as well as the not so glamorous marketing jobs.

For example, a digital marketing analyst may not be an ideal position for those who seek glamour in their careers. However, if you're someone who loves decision-making and likes the comfort of an office chair, then a digital marketing analyst job could suit you.

On the other hand, there are marketing jobs which are enviable especially in the world of fashion or expensive hobbies such as yachting, polo or racing cars. A job in marketing can be glamorous but even in the most luxurious, prestigious of environments, marketing is marketing, and it's full on. 

To sum up, work hard, be persistent and ambitious, and you can achieve both the glamour and a great income. However, the beauty of digital marketing is that you can make your job more or less glamorous, depending on your appetite for it. All products and services need marketing, so choose the industry you want to work in then go and make it happen!  

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