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Since its launch in 2012, Christmas Jumper Day has become a British Christmastime tradition.

It's a great time to put on your best or even worst Christmas jumper and wear it to work - and the best thing is it's for charity.

Lurking in the murky depths of many people's wardrobes is a colourful, brash and (in most cases) highly embarrassing novelty Christmas jumper which, were it not for Christmas Jumper Day, would probably never see the light of day.

But what is Christmas Jumper Day and how does it help raise money for Save The Children?

What is Christmas Jumper Day?

Charity organisation Save The Children first introduced Christmas Jumper Day in 2012 and thousands of people across the country are encouraged to put on their tackiest, wackiest jumper covered with anything from baubles, puddings, snowmen, and Christmas lights. 

When is Christmas Jumper Day?

This year Christmas Jumper Day is being celebrated on Friday 15th December, just ten days before Christmas!

How does Christmas Jumper Day help to raise money for Save The Children?

A Save The Children initiative which launched with the slogan 'make the world better with a sweater', people who wear their Christmas jumpers are encouraged to give just a £2 donation to whoever is advocating Christmas Jumper Day in your workplace.

You're also able to participate in your school or even just amongst your friends and family. If your workplace hasn't signed up yet, you can do so here

According to the Save The Children website: "Your jumper could be the difference between a hot meal and no meal. It can help bring essential health care, education, protection and food to millions of children around the world who are missing out on these basics."

"Your support can protect children from easily preventable yet still deadly diseases like diarrhoea, malaria and pneumonia. And it can help us reach children who are forgotten about simply because they were born in a remote village, because they're girls or refugees, have a disability or are from a minority group."

"Whether you got full on TwinklyBaublePomPoms or play it cool with a SnowyTreeStar, the money you raise can help make a world of difference to children in desperate need - and give them the chance to be children again."

How can I take part in Christmas Jumper Day?

All you need to do is chuck on a Christmas jumper and donate £2 to Save The Children. It's easy, fun and will make a world of difference.

For more information on Christmas Jumper Day and how you can help, please visit the Save The Children website.

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