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Job hunting can be hard and stressful. 

The constant cycle of applications and interviews can quickly wear you down and leave you feeling like you will never get that new role you dream about. 

There are some ways to help make the job hunting process a little less stressful and to feel like you are at least a bit more in control.

Try to job hunt while still employed

This isn’t always possible, but if you can stay in your current role until you get a new one, this reduces the stress levels considerably.  You aren’t rushing the process because you need some money coming in and end up making a rash decision just to get a wage.  Instead, you can carefully consider your options and go for the best one.

Create a personal brand

Employers check your online presence today – full stop.  So you need to polish up your personal brand and make sure they find the good stuff.  This means take a look at your social media profiles and maybe remove those controversial quotes or slightly dodgy photos from your last holiday.  You don’t have to stop being you, just try to highlight the best of yourself.

Work on your CV

You have to have a top CV ready to apply for jobs, so the first part of job hunting is to get this in order.  If you don’t feel confident doing it yourself, there are loads of freelance CV writers out there who will help you or just write it up from your notes.  Once you have your basic CV, you can then personalise it for each job that you apply for – adding in keyword terms used from the job advert, highlighting your skills or experience that is most relevant for the post.

Look at your skills

There are loads of online courses you can take, many of which are free or low cost.  Look at the skills being requested in job adverts and compare them to your own skills.  Are there any areas you can enhance your abilities or refresh your skills?  Look at making yourself a little more eye-catching than the next person.

Use LinkedIn

Apart from job boards, LinkedIn is probably the most important place to be when job hunting.  It is the professional social media site and is the place where many recruiters go to find out about someone or to look for candidates.  Having a top-notch profile that speaks to the recruiter or employer is a crucial part of job hunting.  Again, don’t be afraid to get some help if writing isn’t your kind of thing.

Tell people you trust

If you are still in a job, you might not want your employer to know you are hunting for a job.  But you should tell people you trust that you are on the hunt.  They might see or hear of a role that might be ideal for you and pass on the information.  That network can be the best source of leads and referrals available and should be used.

Author Bio: Stephen Holmes is the owner of NI Jobsearch, Northern Ireland’s newest job board with tips and advice for job-seekers and employers alike.

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