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An online personal brand is important if you want to get a job connected to marketing in any way.

A video is a good way to promote products, services and even yourself; it can be stronger than text and images. It is simple human psychology – people’s attention will more likely be occupied by something moving than something static.

Here are five ways you can use video to propel your personal brand.

1. Create a video CV 

A video CV is more convincing than a written one because you'll get to show what you can do and emotionally connect very quickly with the viewer. An important factor is your ability to be able to demonstrate your skills on video while talking to the viewer. Rehearse your script like an actor would and then use video to showcase how good you will be for the job.

2. Use video instead of just chatting when on an online interview

When doing an online interview such as a Skype chat, many employers never insist on the video being on, most of them would be satisfied with audio. However, you can use the video, even if it is one-sided. This way you will be more convincing, welcoming and approachable, you can also do a mirror-practice for this type of video.

3. Create a vlog

A vlog is yet another way to have communication with people from your niche and share knowledge with them. It probably won't bring you a well-paid job directly, but it can significantly contribute to it. You can share new knowledge via vlogs and discuss job challenges with your colleagues. YouTube and Facebook are now the leading video platforms; you can use either to host your vlog.

4. Use video for job proposals

When sending proposals for a job, a video is a great tactic, more innovative than a written one. The logic is simple – if you are the only one with a video proposal, then you're easily going to be the one who stands out.

5. Make your videos watchable 

Of course, you need to make sure that the video you are making is going to grab the attention of the people who you want to watch it. You'll need to have an idea of directing and editing or a friend who can help you; they might want some experience to add to their portfolio, and they can get that by working on your video.

Determined to do it yourself? You're in luck; we live in a digital age where you can learn the simplest editing tricks by watching thousands of free videos on Youtube. You could also pay a professional to do it; they may even do a deal with you where you can pay them out of your first pay cheque.

To sum up, we love to watch movies and videos. This is exactly the reason why you should consider video as part of your job seeking strategy. Did we mention that it will also make you a bit of rock star amongst your friends and family!

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Michael Ivanovic

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On: 2016-12-15 14:53:17.432