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Finding a job is sometimes an uphill battle.

As you fill out dozens of job applications, you might think it’s just a numbers game; eventually, you’ll get that call for an interview.

But it never comes.

Sound familiar? I bet it does.

People who find jobs through career sites or job boards make up only a third of the new hires.

So how do people land jobs if they’re not applying for them? Let’s find out.

1. Referrals

What’s the number one source of new employees?

Employee referrals.

Although accounting for less than 10% of applicants,  a mind-boggling 40% of candidates get hired through referrals.

This amounts to about the same percentage of hires through career sites, job boards, and agencies combined.

Recruiters love referrals too; why is that you ask?

It’s a lot cheaper to source candidates through employees’ contacts than, say, agencies.

2. LinkedIn

Expand your social and professional network, especially on LinkedIn. Compared to non-referral candidates, you’re almost 4 times more likely to get hired through a referral.

Nearly 95% of recruiters  of recruiters use LinkedIn to find and vet candidates.

Consequently, it’s possible to reverse the traditional recruitment process. Make the job come to you, instead of chasing it.

How can you appear in headhunters’ searches? 

While LinkedIn’s search algorithm examines several sections of your profile to rank the results, your headline and job titles are the major factors. Optimise your LinkedIn profile and you might just get a message from a headhunter inviting you for an interview!  

3. Volunteering

Some people volunteer for the satisfaction that comes from helping others, but did you know it can land you a job?

Volunteering helps your job search in several ways. It can be a great way to fill employment gaps, learn useful skills, and meet new people.

As you connect with like-minded individuals, you increase your network of contacts. On its own, growing your contact base is helpful.

Quite possibly, another volunteer can refer you to their company. You might even end up meeting your new boss at a soup kitchen.

4. Internships

Besides leading to a full-time position, internships help you acquire relevant experience, obtain a letter of recommendation, and launch your career. A significant number of interns get a job offer during or after their internships.

Why is that? Put yourself in a boss’s shoes for a minute.

For little to no investment, you get someone to do a job for a few months. You see how they perform. You have a candidate with a known track record.

If you’re struggling with your job hunt, landing an internship might just be what you need to land a job.

Impress your employer with your attitude, work ethics, and skills, and chances are that you’ll get a job offer.

5. Agencies

In the UK alone, the recruitment industry generates over 30 billion pounds in annual revenue. Recruitment agencies match qualified candidates with job opportunities. As a job seeker, all you need to do to is sign up with an agency and send them your CV.

Staffing agencies offer many perks for job seekers. A major benefit comes in the form of expert advice on your CV, cover letter, and job search tools. Additionally, you won’t spend a penny on an agency as employers almost always pay them a fee.

What’s the catch? A few things. Firstly, recruitment agencies contribute to a low percentage of new hires. Secondly,  a number reasons are causing companies to avoid agencies  such as their high cost and a small pool of candidates. Some agencies can also waste your time by sending you out to every job interview going in the hope that you'll get an offer, some agents treat the process like a numbers game. If you go to an agent then make sure it's a recommended one. 

It doesn’t hurt to boost your chances by signing up with a good recruitment agency. 

Your odds of landing a job through an online application are very slim, nothing more than a measly single-digit percentage. 

Learn and practice the hidden ways of getting hired. Tip the scales in your favour by mastering the art of job search, without really searching at all.

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Talal Alabbadi   

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On: 2018-06-10 20:53:54.603