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Christmas is now a distant memory; New Year has started and now it’s time to get back to work. For some people going back to work will be a relief, being at home with the family for so long can be stifling. For some though going back to work is tough, it might be because they don’t like what they do or where they do it, if that’s the case then you have a different challenge. Are you hiring wrong? Perhaps you've been panic hiring or is your company culture pants?

Some employees need extra motivation during the month of January, after the celebrations, late nights and expense over the Christmas holiday, the first month of the year can be deflating.  On top of that January, the 16th is considered the most depressing day of the year, known as Blue Monday to many.

So, how do we motivate employees in January?

Not so Blue Monday 

January the 16th, the most depressing day of the year! Acknowledge the day and own it! Have a wear it bright day, where all employees come to work in their brightest attire. You could also use the most depressing day of the year to raise some money for your local charity, hold a bake-off and sell the cakes afterwards or hold a raffle and ask local businesses to donate. Whatever you organise to make sure it’s a happy and positive event, be more Pink Monday than Blue Monday 

Who let the dogs out? 

Make January the month where employees can bring their dogs to work ( If you don’t do it already )

Stress decreases in the workplace when dogs are around, and people tend to be happier.

When employees are happier and less stressed, productivity goes up, it’s a win-win, plus the dogs love to be with their owners.

Unwanted Christmas present day 

People tend to feel better when they’re giving to others, especially people in need. Hold an unwanted pressie day, where your employees can bring in a  Christmas present that they’re never going to use. Employees can then put their chosen charity into a hat, and the one that gets randomly pulled out wins the unwanted presents.

Motivational hump days 

Instead of just the Monday morning meeting, you might want to add in a hump day meeting as well on Wednesday mornings. During January a normal week can feel rather long, your employees will feel motivated Monday and Tuesday because you hold inspiring Monday meetings, but come Wednesday they’ll desperately need to feel uplifted again. A hump day meeting will recharge them; it will give them the energy required to complete the week.  

Positivity Board 

Get a big white board, and lots of brightly coloured pens, or a wall will do with lots of bright post-it notes. Encourage your employees to share their positive thoughts on the board or wall during the month of January. They could just share one positive word, a positive sentence or even a quote. At the end of the month, you can take pictures of the board or wall, share on social media, create tea towels or even mouse mats to keep that positive vibe with you throughout the year.   

That's just 5 ways to motivate employees during January, we would love to hear from you if you have more ideas to add to the list.

January doesn’t have to be a glum month; it’s what you make it!

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