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Thanks to the recent COVID-19 pandemic as well as the events that affected the movement of drivers and the flow of goods; the HGV industry has been highlighted for the essential work they do by providing distribution of goods to stores, retail, hospitals and many other places.

Are you wondering what it’s like to work in this industry and get behind the wheel of a large truck?

Here are some reasons why becoming an HGV driver may just be perfect for you.

It’s Not Too Difficult to Get Into

Of course, you’ll need to get an HGV driving licence, but this isn’t actually that expensive or too complicated to do. Just like you did for your normal driving licence, you’ll likely need to take a few lessons with a driving school that offers driving lessons on all types and sizes of vehicles. You might want to check out the HGV Driver Training Centre, which provides instructions specifically on What You Need to Know Before Driving an HGV in London.

There’s a High Demand

Thanks to a large shift over the last few years in the way we do our shopping and how everyone wants home deliveries, the HGV job market is experiencing growth and that means there’s a high demand for HGV drivers. Once you’ve passed your test and are legally allowed to drive a heavy goods vehicle you should have no trouble finding work.

The Role is Very Varied

Depending on where you work, an HGV driving job has many different perks and things that make it unique and varied. One of the perks that would delight some people is the possibility to set your own hours and shifts, and not be beholden to a 9 to 5 working life. You could even work for yourself and not contract to a company if you prefer being your own boss. 

Working as a heavy goods vehicle driver you'll most likely have varied days, from local jobs to long-distance cross-border drives.

You Get to See the Country and Beyond

Because of the variety of the trips that you’ll be doing and the almost infinite destinations, you’ll likely find yourself exploring the country and perhaps even into Europe on some long-distance trips. Being able to experience the country first-hand is a huge plus for some people.

There’s Little Chance of Automating it

Unlike many other blue-collar jobs that are seeing their work being replaced by complex automation and robotics, HGV drivers can rest easy in their job security. There will always be a high demand for HGV drivers and thus job security is high. The role and the specific and unique needs that HGV transport has will mean that it’s extremely unlikely that it will face automation in our lifetime.


If you’re looking for a different career path or you are just getting started and want something dynamic, fun and future secure, you can do a lot worse than a career as a heavy goods vehicle driver. The role has the potential to earn very well and has good variety and freedom to choose your own hours.

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