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As your business grows the need for talent grows, and you have a decision to make, do you recruit yourselves or do you outsource? 

You might want an internal recruiter and have a big vision for your recruitment department, but if keeping costs to a minimum is what you’re after then a recruitment partner could be a better option. 

What does a recruitment partner do? 

A good recruitment partner will take the time out to get to know your company, the company culture, your vision and what mission it’s on. They’ll have an interest in your employees and who your ambassadors are, because like attracts like. They should be able to advise you on job adverts, wording, design and the best tactics to take to attract and source great candidates. They will also filter applications, interview, second interview and put forward the best candidates for the role. But that’s not all they will always give the candidates feedback and give them the good news or the bad news if need be.  The good news is that you don’t pay a penny, the only time that you’d hand over any money is if and when they find you your ideal candidate!   It's quite amazing the amount of work a good recruitment partner is prepared to do without payment, the reason why they do it is because they believe in themselves. A good recruitment partner believes that they are the ones who will be successful in finding you that needle in the haystack, and they usually do. 

What are the 5 Main Reasons To Get A Recruitment Partner?


As I already mentioned keeping costs to a minimum can be an issue, and it can make sense to outsource. A good recruitment partner can tap into talent quickly, especially non-active candidates who are probably working for your competitor. A quick, quality hire 

Having a recruitment partner can reduce your cost per hire 


Saving time is always a priority for businesses, a good recruitment partner will help you reduce time to hire. They will know exactly where to search for your ideal candidate, how to approach them and how to take it to the next level.


A good recruitment partner will be well connected and will understand the power of the second connection. Not only will they tap into their immediate connections but they’ll also know who they’re connected to and they’ll use their immediate connections for introductions if need be. 


It takes skill to get to that elusive, unicorn of a candidate but they’ll know all the tactics to make it possible. A whole mix of search strings, social media marketing, networking, content bait, PPC and even SEO are all part of the skills mix a good recruitment partner should have. 


While you’re panicking because your IT Manager is leaving and you’ve got visions of the company grinding to a halt, your recruitment partner stays calm. They will reassure you and stay focussed to accomplish the mission.

There you have it, just 5 of the many reasons to get yourself a good recruitment partner.

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