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It's the birthplace of the computer, football leagues, votes for women, Coronation Street and the Rolls Royce, and if you're looking to relocate to a major UK city then Manchester - energetic, wacky, innovative Manchester - might just be the answer to all your prayers.

Here are our 10 indisputable reasons why...

1. Academic

With three universities, numerous higher education facilities and great English language colleges, Manchester is the ideal destination for international students looking to study at a globally recognised institution in a busy UK city.

2. Multicultural 

Manchester boasts a huge multicultural community and as a result, they're a very accepting and welcoming city. There is a wide variety of places of worship placed around Manchester City Centre and surrounding areas so you will feel right at home when it comes to celebrating religious holidays in the city.

3. Retail capital of the North

You don't have to wander too far in Manchester to stumble across a designer boutique, and from the impressive Trafford Centre shopping mall to the cities major Arndale shopping centre, there is plenty of space to spree in Manchester. Aside from the designer avenues and the forever popular Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, there is also every high street store imaginable in the major shopping areas and also a great market for shopping on a budget.

4. Affordable living

Manchester may be an exciting city which continues to attract young professionals and graduates, but luckily rental prices have remained considerably less than the inflated prices within central and Greater London. Therefore, Manchester is a great place to live if you're looking for the buzz of city life without the excessive costs.

5. Transport

If three major city centre train stations (Victoria, Oxford Road and Piccadilly) aren't enough to get you from one end to the other, then their inclusive bus and tram network should certainly help you to explore everything the lovely Manchester has to offer. Aside from the regular public transport, the Mancunians also benefit from a large international airport.

6. Football capital

With two of the worlds biggest football clubs (Manchester City and Manchester United) battling it out on the fair plains of Manchester, the city is an absolute paradise for global footie fans. If you're a real fanatic then Derby Day is well worth a visit to see City vs United.

7. Food & drink

Food lovers are really spoilt for choice in Manchester, with all your favourite global chain restaurants as well as the areas dedicated to world food. From China Town just off Princess Street to Curry Mile in Rusholme (great for halal stores), Manchester doesn't just do restaurants by half! At the other end, The Trafford Centre is home to Europe's biggest food court. 

Want beer? Manchester has world famous breweries such as Robinson, JW Lees and Hydes, as well as some microbreweries making a name for themselves on the big stage, such as Boggart Hole Clough, Marble and others. 

8. Countryside on your doorstep

Manchester can sometimes seem like a sprawling city of tram tracks and concrete but you only have to travel a short distance from the centre to find your own little peaceful area. From long rambling hikes in the Derbyshire countryside to leafy residential districts just outside the city centre, be sure to make time for a weekend trip to the Greater Manchester countryside during your time in the city. 

9. Thriving tech community

Three Unicorns (private companies valued at $1 billion or more) come from within or close to the city (The Hut Group, and Auto Trader) and some of the most successful tech IPOs recently are also from the city region: and

Figures released at the beginning of the year from the Centre for Entrepreneurs, also helps to explain the massive buzz around the city's tech community: nearly 10,000 businesses were set up in just a year in the city - a large increase from the previous year and well above the average start-up rate around the rest of the country. A good amount of these businesses are likely to be in the etch sector.

Direct employment in tech in Manchester is now at 62,000, making it the second city for tech industry after London. 

10. The people

Last but not least - the people. Manchester has cultivated a unique identity and sense of community which is recognisable across the world. The Mancunian spirit is associated with hard work, humour and pride - values which were captured perfectly at the One Love Manchester concert back in June. Nothing says more about a place than the people who live in it and, all in all, Mancunians are a fiercely proud, funny and friendly bunch.

"Ay-up kid, welcome to Manchester. Don't worry bout the accent it b 'reet! It's proper mint once you get used to it"...

Okay so it may take some time to learn the local slang, but Manchester folk aren't afraid to say hello and crack a joke. Manchester people are very generous too. For example, Manchester Dogs Home suffered a terrible fire and £1.4m was donated by the people of Manchester to rebuild, read the story here. Another example is the Manchester terror attack earlier this year, where £4.1m was raised for the victims of this atrocity, read the story here.

So if you want to move to Manchester, relatively speaking you will be a joining a bunch of proud and happy people who will gladly hold a door open for you, or talk to you at a bus stop.

We hope that this post has given you ten good reasons why Manchester is the perfect destination to live and work.

It's difficult to describe but in Manchester, you get a unique feeling amongst the people, the music, the art, the architecture, the sport and everything else. Being a bit rough around the edges brings its own kind of beauty and you definitely feel like this is a place people are proud of and proud to call home. 

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