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There is so much more to Birmingham than a slight twang in the accent, and it's actually a pretty great place to live and work.

Expect to be delighted with trendy cafes, big green spaces, and award-winning street food. Plus throw in the fact that it's the birthplace of Cadbury's chocolate and is a reasonably affordable place to live, you will probably want to move immediately.

If you're looking for a career, there's no doubt that the ambitious amongst you will want to live and work in London. It's all about the big city and the bright lights, right? But just slow down. Have you ever considered moving to *shudder* a different city? Have you ever considered a job in Birmingham?

Probably not, I'm guessing, but hear me out. Not only are there plenty of great locations to live in Birmingham, but there is plenty up there to make you feel at home. Whether you're a born and bred Londoner or you've lived the rural life, you will find what you're looking for here.

Who knows, a job in Birmingham may even be beneficial to your career. Here's why...

1. Schools and education

Many of Birmingham's schools, such as Water Mill and Chad Vale, are consistently rated 'outstanding' by Ofsted, and King Edward's is one of the best independent secondary schools in the country. It's also home to the prestigious University of Birmingham, which is ranked within the top 20 universities in the UK. Students travel from all over the world to study at this university, but Birmingham residents are lucky enough to have this renowned redbrick institution right on their doorstep.

2. It's pretty great for shopping

Not only is there the Bullring, one of the biggest shopping centres in Europe, there's always the Mailbox - a fine dining and retail outlet beautifully restored in a former sorting office. If independent shopping is your think, there is Great Piccadilly Arcade and Great Western Arcade; two aesthetically stunning corridors of independent, local retailers ready to be explored. Plus, Birmingham has a gigantic bull statue they decorate throughout seasonal points in the year.

3. The food and drink

Birmingham's cuisine has really been on the up as of late. With custard, the Balti and Cadbury's chocolate in their arsenal, Birmingham is a bit of a dark horse when it comes to the title of the city with the most culinary influence. Whatever tickles your taste buds, you will be able to find in the city, from places such as Five Guys, Bodega, Turtle Bay and Marco-Pierre White's there should be something which appeals, if not you could always just grab a coffee from one of the many independents in the city centre.

Birmingham also has 5 Michelin starred restaurants which is more than anyone else outside of London!

There are also some fantastic pubs and bars, including The White Swan, so you will never be short of a place to eat or drink.

4. Plenty of sports teams

Okay, so Birmingham may not have the most successful football teams, but when you take into account the amount of sport the city has to offer, it's right up there with the best. Take Birmingham City and Aston Villa, for example, the city's two main football teams, both attracting tens of thousands of fans between them every week. Birmingham is also home to the world famous Edgbaston Cricket ground which regularly hosts international teams, with the 42,000 capacity Villa Park also having a history of hosting international sporting events. Athletics and tennis are also a focal point with the city welcoming some of the world's best each year. 

5. Thriving tech scene

Birmingham's tech businesses generally centre around its 'Silicon Canal', an area aimed to connect and support the tech communities in Birmingham. And with 5 universities and over 20,000 people employed in the digital sector, according to Tech City, Birmingham houses one of the largest tech hubs in the UK driving creative technology. 

6. Birmingham is constantly developing

Speaking in terms of investment going into Birmingham, if you've ever seen New Street station, you'll know that the thing looks like a blooming spaceship. You'll never have a nicer commute than you will coming into this station.

The station is just a small part of it. Everything from the transport, to the roads and infrastructure, has been newly revamped in recent years. With so many improvements that are both functional and flashy, Birmingham has become a joy to explore these days.

7. You'll escape the London bubble

London is a vast sprawling metropolis with so much to see and do, it's quite frankly impossible to cover in your lifetime. Getting a job in London is all-consuming both work-wise and socially. The hectic big city isn't for everyone, and London offers that lifestyle. A job in Birmingham might be more suited to those who appreciate a slightly slower pace. It's also a big city, don't get me wrong, but with less of the attitude and still all of the benefits.

8. More canals than Venice

Possibly the most quoted fact in town, and true - Birmingham has 35 miles of canal to Venice's 26. But it's not just the size - Birmingham's canals were at the heart of the country's industrial past. At the start of the Industrial Revolution, these canals were essential for transporting goods and raw materials, fuelling the boom, in British commerce and manufacturing.

9. It's just so much fun

Here's a fact: Under 25's make up over 40% of Birmingham's population, making it the youngest city in the whole of Europe. So don't ever think you're going to end up bored in Birmingham. It has a ton of celebrated music venues and more than a few festivals. Trust me, if you can find it in another city, you can find it here. Fabulous restaurants, quirky bars, crazy nights can get it all in Birmingham. 

10. But overall, Brummies are just very inviting

Brummies (that's Birmingham locals) are some of the friendliest people you're likely to meet here in the UK. With self-deprecating humour, a tendency to hold doors open for others, and, can you believe it, friendliness on public transport, the city is home to a wonderful community who are proud of where they're from.

Really, we could list way more than ten reasons, so why not visit Birmingham and see for yourself! 

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