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2020 has become a very difficult year for all areas of human activity, and especially for investment.

Most of the directions that for many decades were the most profitable object for investments have now become unprofitable, and those that did not evoke much confidence and a sense of stability, on the contrary, have grown in their value and popularity.

Along with the change of directions, the list of the best investment groups also changed and today is considered to be one of the best teams, which prides on the transparency of its work and satisfied customers.

By the way, choosing a competent investment team is one of the main steps for any investor, especially in 2021.

Risks 2021: What News To Follow

Of course, not a single year has managed to become famous for the absence of risks in investment and doing business, and 2021 is no exception. It's very important to understand that this year two extremes are possible: a recovery in the global economy or a second failure due to the coronavirus.

As for the projection of the coronavirus directly onto the economy, it is worth following such news and taking them into account when making important investment steps: 

* COVID-19 has already begun to mutate and will continue this process;

* high chances of a second bottom in the economy during the "corona-crisis"; 

* unfortunately, there are rumors about defaults of the population and business in the event of a new round of economic weakening, which could hit American banks; 

* a banking crisis in the eurozone is also inevitable, including because of negative interest rates; 

* the level of cyberattacks on businesses that have gone online has increased.

Each of these nuances is very important for the next year, and if some investors and businessmen can give up on the fact that the economy has collapsed and the prices of many deposits are falling, others can, on the contrary, find benefits and open new directions for profitable and stable investments, even in such extreme situations.

The most profitable investment in 2021

Probably every person has heard about the concept of stocks but does not understand enough how it's possible to make money on them.

Stocks are essentially a percentage of ownership of a particular company.

All major companies issue shares to stimulate cash investment in their business. The shares are traded on official exchanges and over-the-counter markets.

There are two ways that people can get a potential return on investing in stocks: 


Investors can buy stocks of a particular company at favorable prices and then sell at higher prices, making a profit in the form of the difference in amounts. This is called capital gains. To this end, investors are trying to identify fast-growing companies whose shares are attractive to both traders and buyers.


A more passive method of making a profit is the payment of dividends. An investor buying shares in a large company automatically gets the right to a share of the profits received by that company. This is called a dividend and can provide the investor with a stable income.

Most investments are attracted by leading companies in their industry. Here are just a few of them:

* Facebook; 

* Apple Inc; 

* Amazon; 

* Microsoft; 

* Tesla. 

Of course, in addition to technical areas for contribution in 2021, cooperation with health-related companies will also be very beneficial. Indeed, since 2019, many projects have been frozen precisely because of the lack of finance, and the contribution of investors will be profitable for three sides:

* for creators of the project; 

* for investors; 

* for the consumer of the investment product. 

By the way, investments in health have always been and will be the most profitable and stable, since such products are often distributed to the world market.

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