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Some owners enjoy feeding their dog "human food" more than dog food, as they see it as a way of providing a gift or a token of affection and love. For this reason, adding leftovers from our food to our pet's feed is a very common practice as a way of feeling that our dog enjoys food more. Well, although most of these foods are only harmful if the proportion of them in our dog's diet is high, some human foods are not suitable for them and could even be toxic so, in general, we should not carry out this behavior and, if we decide to do it, we should take into account that: 

▪ The addition of food to our dog's food should be limited to no more than 5% to 10% of the recommended daily kilocalories for our pet. 

▪ Any type of meat or fish that is provided must be well cooked and must never contain bones. 

The use of milk and dairy products should be closely monitored, as some adult dogs (and also cats) are lactose intolerant and cannot digest them. 

▪ We should not try to make up for the nutritional imbalances of our dog by adding food scraps. 

▪ Vitamin and/or mineral supplements for our healthy dog ​​are not necessary when we provide a complete and balanced food, and their administration may be detrimental. 


Most of our dogs love sweet flavors, such as chocolate. The prohibition of the administration of chocolate to our dog is not really because they "go blind" as many people think, but because it contains theobromine, a toxic substance for dogs when consumed in large quantities, which can be lethal. 

There are other foods that could be considered healthy because their consumption in people is highly recommended. This is the case of some fruits and vegetables such as grapes and avocados, for example. However, that a food is healthy for people does not mean that it is also healthy for our dog. 

Thus, foods such as garlic or onion (which are often used as parasitic repellants due to popular beliefs that constitute false myths), contain N-propyl-disulfide , the consumption of which can produce the formation of Heinz bodies in the red blood cells of our pet, breaking these red blood cells and leading to anemia that can be fatal. If you are curious to know more about dog food, then you should consider at that will helps you. 

Human Foods for Dogs 

Even though we can't give dogs all human foods, there are some human foods you can safely feed your dogs, and they include: 

1.      Meat

Believe it or not, meat is good for them, as long as it has no fat; from here they acquire the largest portion of protein they need to be strong. 

2.      Salmon and tuna 

These types of fish have fatty acids that benefit your dog's health, both inside and out. 

3.      Liver 

They love it and it fills them with vitamins (A, B and K) and minerals (iron) they need. 

4.      Carrot

It turns out to be sweet for them; they love its texture, its flavor and the natural hardness of the carrot. They enjoy it much more than you, I assure you. 

5.      Yogurt or cottage cheese

You can eat these foods because they are full of calcium that benefits your bones and teeth. We must make sure that they are skimmed and have no fat. 

Now that you know what kind of human food dogs can eat, you can give your pet one day without fear of getting sick, as long as you check with the vet first, let's avoid tragedies!


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