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Remote Training Solutions

A virtual world—with virtual customer service—means we need virtual training! At Bonfire, we recognize that removing the barriers of time zones, geographical restrictions, and scheduling conflicts leads to your team members receiving the lessons, skills, and techniques needed to deliver exceptional customer service. That’s why we offer virtual customer service training that meets your team members where they are—and provides the same high-quality interactive experiences you receive from our in-person programs.

What Virtual Customer Service Training Can Offer You and Your Teams

You may be wondering: Can virtual training really be as effective as in-person training? When it’s approached thoughtfully and offered in an engaging way, it absolutely can be! Using the right approach and tools, virtual training becomes a powerful ally in equipping your teams with the virtual customer service skills they need to help your customers.

Where virtual customer service training really stands out is in the convenience, flexibility, and interactivity it offers.

Live Remote Training Solutions

Exclusively for you

Whether you have team members in offices around the world or remote workers, virtual customer service training delivered live can offer your organization what your people need to grow and develop.

On-Demand online Training

Available 24/7

Our virtual customer service training is designed to give you high-quality and concise information that you can watch in one sitting from any device. You and your team will participate in a multimedia learning experience, with lessons and techniques delivered through videos, call recordings, high-quality images, interactive flashcards, and more. You’ll also receive reference and support materials to help your team transfer their new skills and learnings to the real world.

Types of Virtual Training

If you are looking to enhance your team’s skill set, we have a variety of virtual customer service resources available for you, including our Live Remote Training Solutions and On-Demand Online Training Solutions, tailored to your team’s specific needs.

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