Deliver outstanding customer service with compassion at its core. Learn how to connect empathetically, understand customer needs, and exceed expectations. Discover the power of compassion in customer service.

Showing Compassion in Customer Service

Would shifting perspectives have changed how the interaction was handled? Absolutely. Although the customer appreciated coupons for future free meals, that offer had little impact on resolving the immediate situation.

We needed to step back from what was initially expressed and examine the customer’s concern with compassion. But how do compassion in customer service representatives do that during an interaction such as this one? While you cannot teleport fries, you can teleport understanding through your words and tone of voice. Let upset customers know that you “get it.” The sooner they hear your validating words and tone, the sooner they are soothed, and the better the outcome for you, your company, and the customer.

Easy? Yes and no. It isn’t rocket science, but so few people practice the art of showing compassion in customer service! It really all comes down to customer service training that reinforces compassion and good old-fashioned empathy. Reassure your customers that you’re actively listening to their concerns and understand what it looks like from their perspective.

However, showing compassion in customer service can be surprisingly challenging if you haven’t had opportunities to recognize the need in real life and act upon it.

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