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Whenever the Spectrum Voice service is not working, users get a busy signal, or users cannot hear a dial tone when they pick up the phone. It is one of the major concerns, but Spectrum users' most raised issue is how to login to Spectrum Router. However, in this blog, we will discuss the troubleshooting methods to eradicate the problem of Voice Modem not working when lights or MTA are not on.

Steps to Eradicate the Issue of Spectrum Voice Modem Not Working when MTA is Not On

·         Firstly, the user should make sure that the voice modem has power

·         Now, check whether the unit is plugged into an outlet, which has a wall switch that turns off and on whenever required. If it has,  then make sure it is on.

·         Check if the other electrical devices are working in the same room of your home where your phone and MTA is placed

·         After this, there are high chances that your the problem will get resolved, but if not, then seek professional help.

Follow the above steps to keep track of why your Spectrum Voice modem is not working and update yourself with how you can keep a check and eradicate the issue. Moreover, if you are facing issues with Spectrum login or you feel there is a security issue, then you can also change Spectrum wifi password. Changing the login credentials always helps the user in maintaining a secure and safe login to avoid future chaos. However, the process is also smooth and easy. 

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