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Google is the leading internet service that allows you to make accounts and reap the benefits of this account. Google is linked with various other services like Gmail, Google Drive, Google meet, and more. It gives you easy access to operate and utilize such other services. Since Google has links to other services, the security of all users’ accounts is quite crucial. There is no doubt that Google takes security very seriously and has multiple security features to keep all accounts safe. If a user loses the password to their Google account, Google lets them reset their password following a few security measures. You will find how you can pass the Google Account recovery page verify identity in this blog.


To recover your password on Google, you need to pass a few security measures; this is for your account’s utmost safety and avoids hackers' gaining access to your account. To verify your identity, you following the steps mentioned below.

  • Open Google account login page
  • Enter your email address in the column so Google can recognize your account
  • Click on Forgot password option located at the bottom of the login window
  • Here, choose an identity verification medium; either your phone or your email address
  • If you have query like why am I not receiving emails on your alternate email, please select the phone number method
  • You will receive a code on your Smartphone with a code
  • Enter this code into the column to verify your identity
  • Once Google recognizes you as the account’s true owner, it will let you reset your password
  • Insert the new password once in the first column and then again in the second new password column
  • Click on Save to save the changes on your account

Using the steps mentioned above, you can recover your Google password without your email address. Once the password changes, you can check if the alternate email address mentioned on your account is correct. One reason for not receiving these emails can be an invalid email address or incorrect email address. Kindly make changes if necessary.

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