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The users of Google Voice often put-up questions like how to change your number after you get a google voice number. It doesn't matter for which reason you have been here; the process for changing your Google voice number is extremely simple and takes effect immediately. Now begin with all those steps which you have to follow to change your old Google Voice number into a new desirable one.

You'll be pleased to know that, just to deal with the cut-overs from the old number to the new one, for over three months, your old registered number will continue to forward all of those incoming calls and SMS texts to your new provided number. This will be helping in providing some liberty in terms of time to anyone too lazy to change their old number on the device to the new one, a very long-time window to do the same.

Remember that the cost to which you will be paying in terms of replacing your current Google Voice number with a new one. And it will cost you somewhere around $10. After the Change takes place, you won't be able to reverse the process or get any amount of your money back as in the form of a refund. So, make sure that you want to change your number and that the number you change it to is exactly the one you want there as your Change Google voice number.

Common Ways to change your Google Voice number

·         Open your computer or system and then go to

·         Log into your Google Account that is associated with the Google Voice number that you want to change.

·         There will be a Setting cog Located at the top right of the screen; click on that Settings cog

·         Select the 'Account, 'which will be on the left-hand side if it isn't selected yet.

·         Now, click on the 'Change, 'which will be located under your phone number.

·         On this new screen move to the on the 'Phones' tab at the top.

·         Now, click on the blue 'Change/Port' hyperlink, which you see on the screen.

·         Then, select 'I want a new number' from the pop-up that will appear on its own.

·         Now, select 'Continue, 'which will be there in the new pop-up window that confirms you're willing to pay the changing amount of $10.

·         hen, Populate the fields to pull up the new desirable phone number.

·         Now, select any desirable phone number from the options menu, and then click 'Continue.'

·         After that, select 'Purchase Number 'and continue with your payment.

Now, as once the payment gets completed, you'll receive some different emails. From those, some with updates and others that will provide further instructions to complete the process. Read this blog to know the ways to change Google voice number instantly. 

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