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Humanity is evolving in big strides. High unusual houses are being built, new experimental data are being learned, space and the ocean are being learned, new modern information technologies are being introduced. All this is a field of science. And of course, it plays a huge role in our development. However, there is something that, along with science, cannot be rejected and is developing at a high speed. This is art.

These or those types of art began to manifest themselves since the appearance of man as a species. Rock carvings, the processing of animal skins as clothing, and then the carving of forgeries, the burning of ornaments, and more, were the first works of art. Over time, art has expanded and attracted more and more people. Then it grew into a separate branch of human knowledge and abilities. Geniuses were born and created masterpieces: great books and paintings with brushes, sculptures and architectural monuments. All this developed quickly enough and with great passion. They began to teach art, and now our country and the whole world owns special courses in many types of creativity, as well as specialized secondary and higher educational institutions for the preparation of new artists.

The role of art for humanity is great. This sphere of life not only gave birth to the entire evolutionary chain, not only endowed us with amazing paintings, books and music, but also gave each of us an amazing opportunity - to enjoy. We get aesthetic pleasure when looking at the products of painting and architecture. We can satisfy our needs for spiritual development through reading literary masterpieces. The function of art is to develop fantasy, talent, and the ability to feel beauty in every person. Thanks to creativity, a person learns the depth of his soul, reveals the entire inner world and its inherent abilities and talent, and also develops a taste and a sense of style just like in calligraphy or sketching.

Of course, all of the above does not apply to basic human needs, such as maintaining life and offspring. But just think what life would be like if it weren't for art! Indeed, many, very many people find consolation in him. For all great writers, musicians, actors and artists, art is the passion and delight of their entire life. They create when they are inspired, they create when they are unhappy. Writing poems, working on symphonies, they not only reveal themselves, they reveal the peculiarity of the entire era in which they live, the mood of contemporaries, the way of life that was established at this particular time and the events affecting this period of time.

The role of art in human life should not be underestimated. This area of ​​activity will never lose its relevance. For every art worker, this is a passion and a whole life. For all mankind, art is of great benefit, preserving the monuments of creativity, putting on the path of development and bringing up moral, sensual and aesthetic components in the entire population of the planet.

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