Layla Tovey's blog : The Decline of Hospitality Jobs since COVID-19

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In March, COVID-19 shut down the cafes, restaurants, cinemas and hotels. But for many, this was not temporary. Lockdown was necessary for curbing the pandemic from getting out of control in the places it would spread most, but unfortunately it severely harmed the hospitality industry. These were some of the first places told to close and had to remain closed for several months.

As a result of these places closing, many were laid off and lost their jobs. Once the stores began to reopen, hospitality jobs were limited as less people would be needed for reduced capacity in stores. In other circumstances, some businesses closed permanently or reduced their stores due to the lack of money coming into the business. Sadly, due to the lack of career progression in the hospitality industry into other areas which would not be face-to-face, individuals are finding it difficult to find work. The industry makes its money off customer service and contact and therefore even those high up in the industry are struggling.

Of course, hospitality jobs are always going to be needed and it is very rare that unfortunate circumstances like COVID-19 happen, but people are having to reconsider their career options. Some people have the resources and money in place to reopen restaurants and cafes in a reduced capacity and make their money with takeout options. However, not all businesses have been able to do this. Furthermore, those who are at higher risk have not got the option to begin working again with so much human contact every single day.

As an attempt to find a job in another area, many are choosing to take online courses. They can provide valuable skills in the comfort and safety of your own home and increase your chances of a career change into another sector. The College of Contract Management offers a variety of courses which can kickstart your career into many growing sectors.

Examples of Careers in High Demand

Those looking for a job in a high demand sector may want to consider going into the construction and engineering industries. There are a huge variety of jobs in these sectors with a huge range of customer facing and non-customer facing roles. This industry also provides great career progression. Furthermore, getting into business would be a smart move in the current times as businesses are needing to discover strategic solutions to the changing times. Roles such as marketing can also work from home so if any situation like this was to happen again or the situation was to get worse that would be a good option.

Luckily, online courses can help you get those extra skills and progress with a career change. Online courses are so valuable in the sense that they can give you a backup to your current job role, they can also be undertaken alongside work commitments so those working in hospitality jobs who wish to progress into a new area can do so whilst also earning an income.

The hospitality industry is of great importance and is a brilliant industry to be a part of. It is unfortunate and heart-breaking for many to have lost their hospitality jobs. However, all is not lost and there are options for trying to get back out in to the working world. 

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