Layla Tovey's blog : 3 Things to Do When Preparing for Google’s Page Experience Update

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Google will roll out one of the most significant algorithm updates in May 2021 with the ‘Page Experience Update’ set to change the way that Google weights the on page user experience in the total ranking puzzle. The fact that Google has given SEO professionals and web developers a heads up about the forthcoming update should tell you just how important this update will be for search engine optimisation.

For businesses looking to get a jump start on their competition in 2021, updating your page primitively for the upcoming page experience update could be one way to get ahead. Safari SEO in Melbourne suggest that businesses should be using the next few months to prepare their website for the upcoming update. With that in mind, here are a few things that you can do to prepare.

1.      Create A Simple User Journey

As a website owner, marketing, or search professional, it is your role to create a user experience that makes sense. That means funnelling users towards your end conversion goals and creating a simple way for them to complete a conversion. Make sure that you know the action that you want a user to take on your page, and set up your page to make the user journey simple.

2.      Content is King

As the old saying goes, content is kind. With the new page experience update coming. It is important that the content on your web page is addressing user queries, using the right keywords and resonating with what the user expects to find on your web page. It is important that you create value for readers.

3.      Site Speed Is Essential

As you would imagine, site speed is essential for an on-site user experience. Google provides a list of site speed metrics that are important for the forthcoming update. If you are not tech savvy, we recommend employing the help of an SEO or web developer that can help to optimise these pages for site speed.

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