Layla Tovey's blog : 2 Trends that Will Disrupt IT Support in 2021

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The IT Support industry has been in a constant state of change for more than two decades. In an environment where technology is constantly changing the way that businesses look at online support solutions, the IT support industry has been subject to disruptive, widespread change. 2021, promises to be a year of continued change and disruption with more enterprise level organisations reviewing the role of online support and adopting to increasingly automated online practices.

It is a challenging time for the information technology industry. On the one hand, the industry is buoyed by new, futuristic AI powered technology that promises a utopian system that can anticipate changes and adapt on the fly. On the other hand, the industry is constantly under threat by the same technology that is enabling such rapid growth. In this article, we will look at two major trends that are disrupting IT support services companies in 2021.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics has been used by some of the most influential companies in the tech sector for the better part of a decade. Predictive analytics is used to access customer satisfaction and effort scores, as well as understand ways that a business can optimise their practices to deliver better customer experiences.

In 2021, we expect to see predictive analytics grow and evolve with more companies using the technology to understand user journey. The practice opens new opportunities for companies to improve their IT support services and will enhance the way that businesses deliver products to customers.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been at the forefront of the information technology industry since 2014. In that time, AI technology has already dramatically reshaped the way that businesses operate and the way that they deliver services to users. In 2021, AI will take the IT support industry to places that were once not considered a possibility. AI data mining algorithms mean that companies are able to lessen the workload on IT service and support and invest that money into creating solutions that reduce the number of tickets being raised.

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