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Apparently, members of the notorious image board known as 4chan are now quitting the act of fapping.  My god… what is the world cumming to!?!  And, it seems to all be revolving around the post I wrote a few months ago for Loveawake dating site called, The Effects of Male Masturbation on Attracting Women.

In the last week or so there have been multiple threads on the 4chan board /r9k/ where some of the guys are experimenting with the “7 Day Abstinence Cycle” which I discuss in the article as an effective way of taking advantage of your body’s peak testosterone levels along with other advantages controlled by the central nervous system in order to help attract women.  Of course, with most discussions on the Internet, it is ripe with debate including the usual fan boys, trolls, and detractors.

After reading through some of the threads, there are a few questions and criticisms from the brobots that I’d like to discuss as a follow up to the original male masturbation post.

The Magic Pill

First, abstaining from ejaculation is NOT a means to an end.  If you happen to go seven full days without masturbating, there will be no buxom blond genie that appears out of thin air and bangs the shit out of you. My friends, this is not a magic pill solution, it is merely one tool in the grand scheme of the overall attraction process.  For example, residing yourself to your mother’s basement for seven days straight isn’t going to do much of anything, regardless of your fapping habits.  You still need to make an effort to go out, meet and interact with women.

The Placebo Effect

There are some that say that this whole seven day cycle nonsense is merely a placebo effect. Basically, indicating that the seven day cycle has no effects on your body and that the only reason that someone would have positive results is because their belief in it tricked them into getting the results they wanted.

Well, I’m not a scientist, so yea, maybe this whole thing is bullshit.  However, I did point out in my original article at least three sources of research published in respectable scientific journals which do indicate there is some merit to the seven day abstinence cycle.  They include:

Also, for the sake of argument, lets say that it is a placebo effect.  If someone is getting the results they desire, i.e. – attracting more women into their life, then who the hell cares what the cause is?!  If a placebo is going to aid me in shagging that hottie at the end of the bar, then I could care less, the result is still the same.

To a scientist this may sound like sacrilege, but I’m not a scientist, I just want to get laid.

The Seven Day Cycle

Some people are taking the seven day cycle too strictly and/or confusing it.  In the original article I try to explain that seven days of abstinence is needed to reach your peak in testosterone, because on day seven testosterone production spikes 147%.  Now this does not mean that you can or should masturbate on day seven. In fact, if you are following the seven day cycle, you shouldn’t masturbate until AFTER day 7 in order to get the full effects.  It would be even more beneficial, in my opinion, to wait until 10 days, so as to give you three days of testosterone pumping horny male motivation.

So why even masturbate at all?  Well, hopefully if you are getting laid, then you shouldn’t have to.  However, in the event that you aren’t getting any action, it is still helpful to masturbate from time to time as to release tension and to remind your body that you are or want to be sexually active.  For example, some people have reported that extended time periods (more than a month) of no ejaculation had severely lowered their sex drive as to not wanting to masturbate or pursue sexual intercourse at all.

Testosterone and Dopamine

Then there are some people who are focusing too much on the testosterone discussion.  Increased testosterone by itself is not going to attract women.  It’s what testosterone does for your body that will help you to attract women.  And yes, there are other ways to increase testosterone levels other than abstinence, like regular exercise or a healthier diet for example.

Also, keep in mind the third study that I cited regarding dopamine depletion.  In that study, it showed that men who were excessively depleted of their dopamine levels through ejaculation had shown signs of depression, irritability and social anxiety.  So guys that have chronic masturbatory regimes, wanking-off multiple times per day every day, are likely depleting their dopamine which contributes to their depression, anxiety and anti-social behaviors.

Don’t Whack It Until You’ve Tried It

There are some things in life that we either do not have the resources or knowledge to test for ourselves, this is not one of them.  This experiment is something that every male with a little will power can try.  So before you cast doubt, why not just give it a go?  Not jerking off for seven days isn’t going to kill you, so what’s the harm?  Give it a shot, observe what happens, then reassess if it is for you or not.

“Its not that masturbating is bad for you, its just that sex is a biological imperative. Everything you do is ultimately to get fucked.  So if you’re jerking it all the time your body is in ‘I’m getting it all the time, might as well not even try’ mode.”

- Anonymous

Tips for Abstaining from Masturbation

For those willing to try this out, I will tell you that it is difficult the first 2-3 days, but it can be done, especially if you put up road blocks to help prevent the urge.  Here are a few tips that have helped me:

  • If you have a porn folder on your computer, get rid of it. You don’t have to delete it permanently, just move it to a flash drive and put it somewhere inconvenient to access.
  • If you go to any regular pron sites on the web like RedTube, YouPorn or xHamster then add blocks to those sites on your browser. I know you can simply remove the blocks if you get super horny but it helps to keep you from spontaneously cumbursting
  • Exercise.  When you get the urge to fap, do some push-ups or go for a run.  I’ve noticed that regular exercise somehow helps to relieve the horniness
  • Only go to bed when you are tired and ready to fall asleep.  Don’t watch TV in bed.   If you are just laying there doing nothing, then one thing is bound to lead to the other…
  • When all else fails, turn to Courage Wolf…

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