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If there’s one thing I’ve come to learn from being on the internet as long as I have - it’s that you CANNOT post anything you do not want the world to know. Especially if anyone from sees it.

On a forum recently, one hell of a cyber-sleuth (TardCarnival) came across a post on Loveawake where a woman describes her issue of wanting to “have her cake and eat it too”. Unfortunately, this case is much more severe than you’d imagine. With a husband serving in Iraq and a small child in the mix - this is just a recipe for disaster.

I’ve hidden/removed some of the personal information, to protect the names of those involved, but you should be able to get a good look at this drama unfolding. Taken verbatim is the post as it originally unfolded. Click on the images for larger versions. To keep things decently safe for viewing, I’ve commented out some of the profanity.

So I’m trolling up What’s this?

Original post detailing exactly she is doing and doing it with

Bitch is cheating on her husband who is deployed! Notice the yahoo name. Our first lead.

Her yahoo profile. She’s kind enough to leave a myspace address!

Yahoo Directory Profile for the cheater

Her alleged myspace:

Alleged Myspace page

Private! Possibly a dead end. Wait, wait, she left her name and city in her yahoo profile. Can we get a husband’s name?

Yahoo Directory Profile

We can! The hunt is on! Except, oddly, there is nobody going by his name in El Paso, Texas. Seems odd the wife would have a craigslist and hubby wouldn’t.

So let’s go back to her profile.

Profile of the cheater

Florida?! Hmm, clever girl. Another ruse? A solid lead?

ONE HELL OF A LEAD! Shall we search for her name in Florida this time? We shall.

Yahoo Directory Profile for the cheater

Oh what do we have here? Quite the profile miss, and quite the wild goose chase you sent me on. Pity I had no idea how easy you would have made it to find you had I just tried Craigslist your yahoo name. And who’s number 1? The man of the hour.

The Cheater's Myspace profile

Poor guy loves his wife, and has no idea what’s going on.

(click picture for larger image)
Myspace profile of the husband being cheated on

I’d want someone to tell me, so it’s time to tell him. F**king whores better cover their tracks better if they don’t want their dirty little secrets brought to light.

So How Did This End?

This was posted on one of the largest message boards in the world. Within 30 minutes, there were over 30 pages of responses. Several responses were sent to the cheated husband and eventually a reply was received from his military email address. He had his suspicions, thanked the person who sent it, and said that he’d handle it as he could.

There were pictures posted of the man she was cheating with, who was in her Top 8 Friends section, but those weren’t saved in time unfortunately as the profile went private.

We’ve seen this happen with friends and family who serve, as well as in major motion pictures like Jarhead where it happens to the soldiers out there protecting our freedoms. However, we’ve also heard of the soldiers taking equal freedoms in other conflicts like Vietnam, etc. A quick Google turned up some interesting results:

Was justice served? Well, at least this man knows what he’s coming home to. I believe every victim of cheating deserves to know what’s going on - hopefully before too much damage is done. Cheating? Fess up. It’s hard to take that step but at the end of the ordeal, everyone will hopefully end up on the road to moving on and healing…

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