Peter Terry's blog : 3 Ways to Use Technology to Make Financial Decisions

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Technology has a lot of great uses as well as a lot of useless ways to waste time. Let’s focus on several of the more exciting ways that new tech is being used to help all of us, when it comes to determining what to do with our money!

1. Tracking and budgeting

No matter how much we budget and track our expenses, it’s always been a chore — and honestly, who’s going to make categories and subcategories, and check the budget religiously? Not very many of us.

But thanks to the technology of new financial tracks like Mint or Freshbooks, it’s so easy, you don’t have to do anything (except link up your bank account for tracking of the data).

With Mint, for instance, you can set goals and budgets, and receive notifications if you’re on pace to go over the limit you set. The reports are clean and easy, and available on smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

It’ll make it easy for you to make decisions with software that you can download, when you can instantly see how much you’ve got left in your budget!

2. Social input

People rely on others when making huge financial decisions, so the one billion members of Facebook (and counting) are now able to help one another make big financial decisions, whether the issue is neighborhoods to buy a house in, or day care centers that can watch your children.

3. Expert blog advice

One of the beauties of today’s simplified publishing procedures on the Internet is that it’s much easier for experts to market themselves online. As a result, there’s a ton of great advice out there … and a lot of mediocre advice that isn’t quite as helpful. Luckily, the search engines will rank the popular and relevant answers to the questions you type in.

There are all kinds of great examples in the financial sector, especially in the fields of real estate sales and mortgage loans. It can help to look at expert advice to compare mortgage rates, but it’s also helpful to consider advanced opinions on whether buying a pre-sale home makes sense, or which neighborhoods are trending up or down in value.

Whatever your question is, you’ll find expert answers online, thanks to new technologies that improve the algorithm and make it easy to publish the content!

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