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We prefer to go where we can fly cheaply. Flight tickets typically take the first position on most budget travelers' travel plans. They look for a way to get affordable flight tickets. They deal with everything else as the travel date draws closer. For almost everyone, the biggest financial hurdle in travel planning is the plane ticket. It occupies a huge portion of the travel budget, especially for international travel. So, most of the travelers try to find out the best way to book flights.

Use flight comparison sites.

Using flight comparison sites can be good practice in any travel plan.  In the past, travelers used to manually visit airline websites or visit local travel agency offices to find flights according their needs. But now the days have changed. Now finding flights of your choice is made easy by websites like Skyscanner, Kayak and Traveloka. These are actually aggregators that can also show you cross-airline flights, even without a code-sharing agreement.

Set up price alerts on your phone.

If you don’t want to check for flight deals, frequently, sign up or setting up the price alerts on your device offered by different travel websites or apps or flight fare comparison websites. After entering your desired route, travel dates, and duration, you can receive notifications when flight prices drop or when airlines offer a special promotion. This way, you can be updated about the deals and promotions that come with different flights booking websites. Using this feature is considered as the best way to book flights.

Join travel groups on Facebook or other social media.

What many of us don't know is how far crowd sourcing can take us! Subscribe to Facebook or other social media travel groups. Other members actively share tips, tricks and scoops on this platform! Also you can know about selling seats to other members. Not just selling seats. Many unannounced or little-known promotions are often shared in this group, which will help you get flights, hotels or other services according to your budget. Initially posted in the group, it immediately spread like wildfire.

Choose for Budget Airlines and consider Layovers to find the cheap flight:

Explore budget airlines for Best Way To Find Cheap Flights which are the best way to book flights. Although there are many advantages to using a full-service carrier, budget airlines often offer significantly lower airfares. Consider whether there are benefits such as baggage allowance and seat selection when comparing flight prices.

Also taking flights with layover can be convenient for budget travelers. Non-stop or direct flights can be your convenience option, but these are not always the cost-effective option. You are suggested endure a layover to find out the significantly low cost flights. Don’t forget to check the duration of the layover. If you do not before booking, it can be potentially inconveniences.

Be smart when booking connecting flights.

If you're planning a round-trip, it's often a wise decision to use the same airline flight for both sides. If this isn't a viable option for you, choose two airlines that code share between themselves. Thus the journey is always seamless even when using two different companies' flights. If you miss your flight due to delay or cancellation, it is up to the airlines.

Also, you need to ensure that you research all aspects of relocation very well, as discussed below:

  • Baggage. If you take both flights from the same airline or book flights from two different airlines with code-sharing agreements, your immigration process will usually not be clear. In this case you should receive your luggage and be ready for check-in at the connecting airport. In that case you need to make sure that your documents are correct.
  • Visa. Some countries require a transit or tourist visa for travel, even if you are only checking in on an onward flight. In this case you have to remember the baggage carousels you will find after the immigration check. So it is very important to make sure that you know all the policies of your desired destination.
  • Airport and Terminal. Even if the two flights you selected connect to the same city, it is not right to assume that they will use the same terminal or the same airport. So it is very important to check and ensure that you can secure your visa before booking.
  • Connection time. It is important to make sure that you have enough time to catch the next flight, because you must allow time for airport delays, security checks, etc.


Check out the airline’s policies and reputation.

Know and research any airlines policy and policies regarding cancellation, rebooking, refunds, no-show fees and other details before booking. Read their financial status, history of security breaches etc. very well. t’s not just the airline’s financial standing that you should check. Before booking, research and read their policies on delays, cancellation, rebooking, refunds, no-show fees, and other details. Check out their history of safety violations too!

Take note of the credit card policies of the airline.

If you have booked your flights using a credit card of others people who isn’t your travel companion, you should check the airline’s policy carefully that you use others credit card for flight booking this before you start your journey. It is extremely important to know to make your journey hassle free.

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