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Adapted directly from the transcripts of Reality Winner’s first conversation with investigators, Reality is a tense, small-scale drama about a young translator working for the government who leaked a single piece of intelligence, and wound up in prison as a result  Filme si Seriale Online.

Sydney Sweeney is terrific as the titular character, and the way this movie confines itself pretty tightly to what actually happened only makes things feel more grounded. Reality is a reminder about the perils of working in government, but it’s also about how difficult it can be to leave yourself behind when you go into work.

The absurdity of Scientology is on full display here, but director Paul Thomas Anderson is not foolish enough to simply lampoon it. The entire film is a careful, thoughtful portrait of its central characters, and the ways that every one of us finds a certain set of stories that help us to just get through the day.

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