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Organizing beautiful weddings for a living is a dream job for true romantics. We had the opportunity to speak with Maurice, one of Jakarta's top wedding planners from DW Wedding Planner, who graciously shared her insights and secrets with us. Join us as we delve into the world of wedding planning and discover what it takes to create unforgettable moments.

Becoming a Wedding Planner:

With a background in hospitality from working in restaurants in the UK, Emily found her passion for weddings when she started as a wedding coordinator at DW Wedding Planner. Through hands-on experience, shadowing the creative director and organizing her own weddings, she learned the intricacies of the job. While there may not be specific training available, the best learning comes from immersing oneself in the field. Each wedding season at LittleWolf brings new lessons and growth.

Qualities of a Wedding Planner:

To be a successful wedding planner, one must possess calmness, exceptional organizational skills, and the ability to manage both staff and suppliers. Building a connection with the couple and attentively listening to their desires while providing experienced advice is crucial.

The Magic of a Wedding Planner:

Staying up-to-date with national and international wedding trends is essential for wedding planners. LittleWolf, renowned for their beautiful modern weddings, prides itself on keeping ahead of the game. Offering customizable menus, seasonal changes, and collaboration with top venues and suppliers, they strive to exceed the couple's expectations.

Current Trends in Wedding Food:

Shared table dining has gained popularity in recent years. This style allows guests to enjoy family-style platters, serving themselves exactly what they desire. This relaxed and cost-effective approach suits the Kiwi attitude and encourages mingling among guests who may not know one another. Grazing tables have also become a popular option for starters.

Planning the Perfect Wedding:

While exquisite food plays a pivotal role, a LittleWolf wedding encompasses much more. The planner's responsibilities begin with creating proposals, designing menus, and assisting in tablescaping. Coordinating staff, arranging equipment, creating run sheets, and conducting site visits ensure a seamless experience. On the wedding day, the planner is present in the background, handling any unforeseen issues and providing assistance as needed. The level of involvement can be tailored to the couple's preferences, from managing the music during the service to tending to the bride's gown.

The Joys and Rewards of Wedding Planning:

Emily relishes being part of the wedding journey, working closely with couples to bring their vision to life. Collaborating with industry professionals who excel in their craft and share recommendations fosters a sense of trust and camaraderie. While the job may have been stressful initially, meticulous organization and a well-executed plan have alleviated most stressors.

Favorite Wedding Moments:

With numerous weddings under her belt, Emily finds it difficult to choose a single favorite moment. However, she cherishes the post-speeches period when the pressure subsides, and the newlyweds take to the dance floor. Witnessing their genuine relaxation and celebration as a married couple is a true highlight.

Personal Dreams for a Wedding:

Although not married yet, Emily envisions her own dream wedding, albeit in the future due to financial considerations. As wedding trends evolve rapidly, her preferences may change. Constant exposure to captivating weddings in her line of work continually inspires her with new ideas.


Being a wedding planner requires a unique blend of organization, creativity, and people skills. Emily's journey with LittleWolf has allowed her to immerse herself in the magic of weddings, creating unforgettable moments for couples. From meticulous planning to the joy of seeing the newlyweds celebrate, she finds immense fulfillment in her chosen profession.

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