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I face friends, family and home owners that are conscious of the need to improve their house but are uncertain of the place to start. Maybe they're bored with their exact same old vinyl exterior, tired of the lack of green space or gardens out front, or jealous of their friends custom patio and deck. We know that feeling - but acting on improving your house is a totally different matter!

Houzz is a addictive site and App that my family like, I must confess. We browsed through their iPad app for days on end searching for cool ideas that might have worked for us - whenever we chose to do a huge house reno. However ideas are one thing - despite being a terrific starting point - committing to a reno without actually seeing what YOUR house will look like is pretty darn scary!

We employed a respected house designer to produce preliminary sketches of "what may be" at that point. Sadly we must have forgot to have her also create a far more concrete list of what her deliverables "would be" along with a firm price quote.  We had been eager to move ahead as she was a friend to a friend.  After almost $1,000 in fee 's, we wound up with a few pages of loose leaf paper which had new design concepts sketched of our houses exterior - plus introductions to several of her contractor friends who'd give us a "great deal" on the work. In our rush we attempted to renovate our house, but quickly discovered how pricey professional designer fees can be. We did not need architectural drawings, schematics, plans for city approval, we wanted some fundamental ideas, colors, and concepts that we are able to might quickly say we either like or dislike. We did not want some pretentious expert to have sit down meetings with us about our motives, desires, likes and dislikes... heck we simply wanted somebody to make our real estate look fantastic! Professional designers oftentimes struggle with this easy and quick approach - and that's fair enough. They wish to show their best talents, best ideas, and best capabilities for you - a possible client. Their time is worth money. You may need lots of cash or a loan based on whom you hire! At times we have to accomplish something purely because we want it done. Make it fast, inexpensive, and fantastic.

Listed here are the 3 top tips to get you started - and try to begin with the basics. Play around with your own concepts surrounding colors, materials, and landscaping before ever hiring someone to invest 1000 of dollars designing your dream... because you may just discover that all that you really wanted was a little help spurring your own imagination and providing you with that quick glimpse into "what could be".

1) Outsiders Opinion
Talk to friends, family, and co - workers about their suggestions for your home - it's essential. Remember they can also be a bit nice. The real home run opinion originates out of your neighbors, who have a well maintained lawn, seasonal flowers and newly painted window trims. They have a stake in you finishing the proper reno's since it improves their curb appeal.

2) Online Ideas
Visit apps and sites for home design and home improvement. Do not waste hours - spend seconds scanning pictures & video clips. Find something that resembles your house and quickly write down your likes and dislikes. Could you recreate that archway using your roofline? Would that outdoor rock work be ideal for your climate? Identify the improvements or designs that you consider the most "difference makers" and evaluate their suitability for your property.

3) Affordable Designer Options
The web is brimming with extremely talented and very motivated people and businesses. A skilled design Company situated halfway around the world might be searching for work or even an independent Croatian contractor with the necessary skills. Find the right worker by searching "freelancers" or "online contractors." So before shelling out a lot of money for exterior and landscape designs - begin with the fundamentals. The price of new ideas needn't be prohibitive - and who knows - you might just discover your own personal inner designer!

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