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When you plan to have a blast with the Karnal escort service, don’t try the regular positions and make your night dull. You must plan something exotic to satiate your sexual urges. Besides performing all the kinky stuff you longed for, try lusty postures to hook hard. You can impress the girl by adopting those positions and having good sex. Fulfill all your fantasies by tempting your girl as much as you can. You need to be on fire as you go to bed with the escorts.


So, look at the erotic sex positions that you can try while you hook up with your call girl in karnal. 


Apostle sex positions

You can’t deny the satisfaction both you and your call girl in karnal can get from trying missionary positions. However, it is a widely performed position, and nothing matches its popularity. You can also impress the girls more by trying this position. Let them lie with their back on the bed facing you, and you ride her looking downwards on her face. Though there is less fancy in this position, the karnal escort service loves it for the intimacy it creates. The girls also prefer this position to enjoy the weight of their partner. The style is simple yet effective and can stimulate good orgasms. 

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Reverse Cowgirl sex positions


To enjoy more thrill and erotica while you are with the karnal escort service girls, try the reverse cowgirl posture. In this act, you can lie down with your back on the bed or sit resting on your back and let the girl ride you facing your feet. When your girl is on top, she can control the movement of sex and penetration. You can also easily touch her and spank her when she leads. This posture is excellent for clitoris stimulation and suitable for orgasms. However, you can try out the cowgirl posture along with this pose. The call girl in karnal just needs to turn towards your face instead of facing your feet.  


Doggy Style sex positions


Haven’t you seen a male dog copulating on the road riding over his mate? Well, as you try the doggy style, you need to turn more bestial to enjoy good sex with call girls. Let your escort stand like a dog with her legs and hands. You ride her from the back, holding her hips and penetrating! That’s what is going to give you the thrill of sex. Alleviate the excitement of your girl by stimulating her G-Point and touching her clitoris with your hands. Unless you use your hand to stimulate them, she might not have orgasms. You have control of the call girl in karnal in this position - so caress and kiss her, touch her sensuously to enjoy more. You can also try the modified doggy style with this pose, where your girl lowers herself while on her fours, and you also do the same. The penetration won’t be profound, and thus you can enjoy the closeness for a longer time. 

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The 69sex positions


Don’t want to miss the chance of experiencing oral sex while you are with our karnal call girl! Opt for the sixty-nine position and enjoy the erotic pleasure of your partner. You give and get oral sex simultaneously in this posture. Let your girl lie down with her back on the bed. You ride on the top reversely with your mouth near her vagina and your genital near her mouth. As you and your karnal escort look like six and nine, the position gets its name sixty-nine. The 69 is an enjoyable position for experiencing erotic oral sex. 


Belly Down sex positions


Another exciting posture you can try during your intercourse with the call girl in Karnal is the belly down posture. Satiate all your desires as you ride the girl in this position. Bring out your naughty beast to hook up and experience the fun. Make your girl lie on the bed with her face down. You ride on her back in a semi-push-up position! Alleviate her hip to let your penis touch her G-Spot for hooking. You may use any lube to smoothen the process. As the control remains in your hand, kiss, lick, caress, and touch her sensuously to give her more pleasure. As you tempt your karnal escort service more, you can quench your sexual urges and enjoy more. To make a suitable angle for insertion, use a pillow under your girl’s abdomen to raise her vagina. 


Avail The Services Of Karnal Call Girl


You can add some props, and you will enjoy various positions with your karnal call girls at A pillow or a folded blanket can help you in that case. Whether it is the missionary or the belly down, add a cushion to enjoy more. However, remember that to impress a girl, don’t go for a challenging and long penetration at first. Take your time and enjoy every bit of your play as you want a cone ice cream! 

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