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A bathroom is a place of escape and relaxation for many people. You can take a bath at the end of a hard day and have relaxing moments. Therefore, it is important that it is comfortable and cozy. However, it can be uncomfortable in colder months. So, to make it cozy.

Bathroom towel rails were considered a luxury in the past, but today they are one of the essential bathroom fixtures. No bathroom is complete without a heated towel rail. Apart from fulfilling your toilet and bathing needs, bathrooms must offer a pleasant and comforting feeling.

The best way a bathroom can do that is through warm and moist towels you soothe yourself after taking a hot or cold shower. To have warm towels at your disposal every time, you must install heated towel rails.

There is a lot of confusion around installing bathroom towel rails but before we clear the fog around the installation process, let's understand what heated towel rails are.

What Are Bathroom Towel Rails?

As the name suggests, heated towel rails are aluminum or steel rails that are used to warm towels. The rails are either powered by electricity, the house's central heating system, or both. Apart from keeping your toilets warm for you, these rails make your bathroom look quite astonishing as well. With an extensive range of sizes and designs, you can find the right one that complements the theme of your bathroom.

Types Of Bathroom Towel Rails.

The bathroom towel rails can be a great addition to the bathroom both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. However, it is important that you pick the type wisely. There are various styles and designs available in the market. 

A few of these are as follows

  • Ladder Rail. It is a type where two vertical rails have multiple horizontal smaller rails, creating a shape similar to a ladder. We can further divide them into various widths, and heights fit in our space. 

  • Individually Heated Rails. It is a great option if you are looking for a minimalist design. Having connected strips for support inside the wall. It is not suitable if you have a number of towels for heating up. 

  • Freestanding Heated Rails. As clear from the name, these are traditional style rails that offer you a lot of flexibility for placements as per your choice. The installation of these rails is not a big problem; you can plug and play them as and when you want. 

From all the above-discussed choices, you should know exactly the type of looks you want in the bathroom. For example, in the case of contemporary modern bathroom looks, you may prefer a ladder rail. You will find various designs and finishes with them as well. So, the looks will be based on what you choose. On the other hand, freestanding rails are a relatively better option for traditional-style bathrooms. 

Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Towel Rails

Installing towel rails isn't some rocket science. Anyone who knows his way around maintenance tools and equipment can easily install one himself. However, if you aren't a DIY person, letting an expert handle the job would be better.

  • Check Boiler Capacity

Don't forget to check the boiler capacity before moving on with installing another towel rail on your grid. Sometimes the capacity has already reached the limit, and installing a new one would only diminish the efficacy of the previous ones. You can check the capacity of the boiler using a BTU calculator.

  • Determine the Appropriate Location

Your radiator will only be effective if it's installed at the right location in the bathroom. If you install the heated towel rails in a place that is far enough from your showering area, you will freeze before you reach the warm towels. Also, make sure the place you have selected has plumbing pipes passing through that.

  • Look for Any Trapped Air in the System

Towel rails often lead to trapped air inside the pipes when installed. This is mainly due to the draining process that causes air to get locked up inside the pipes. A common indication of any trapped air is the noise produced by the airlocks. The appropriate way to tackle that is by further draining the radiators.

  • Maintain the Boiler Pressure

Once you drain the radiator, the water pressure inside the boiler will also decrease. Low pressure is often related to a whining sound produced by the pump. To prevent this scenario, top up the boiler once the heated towel rails are up and running smoothly.

Bathroom Towel Rails UK

Bathroom Towel Rails UK is an important part of every modern bathroom. These are available in various designs and shapes. You will need to pick the one as per your choice and the place you want to fit them. In the previous section, we also discuss important things that matter most while making a choice so you can get the most out of your bathroom heating. You can check high-quality heated towel rails at Royal Bathrooms' online store in the UK.

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