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Panacea Global Hair Services is known for providing the best hair transplant in Delhi, done by expert hair surgeons. The transplantation results you will receive bearing almost no pain & will be surprising. This is possible because of advanced techniques that we use at our clinics. Our clinical treatments are 100% safe and result-oriented. If you talk about hair transplant cost in Delhi, You will get a very reasonable cost at Panacea Global Hair Services, South Delhi.

As we all know, the cost of hair transplantation is a major deciding factor when we talk about hair restoration surgeries. At Panacea Global Hair Services, we offer international hair transplant facilities, world class results at the lowest possible cost. If you look into the profile of our hair transplant surgeons, you will find that our hair surgeons are qualified from top institutes i.e AIIMS, Safdarjung (New Delhi), PGI Chandigarh and have 15+ years of experience and member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery - ISHRS (USA). Done more than 15000 hair transplants, Still, thinking will you get “hair transplant in Delhi at low cost”? Get in touch with us! Also, don’t worry as we use FUE hair transplantation technique which is much safer and effective than other hair transplant methods. We offer the cost of hair transplant which will be cheapest and will prove to be an effective treatment for your baldness, Panacea Global Hair Services provide the best hair restoration services in India. You are looking for “affordable hair transplant in New Delhi, India” but don’t know what factors cost of hair transplantation depends on. Visit us

Cost of Hair Transplant in Delhi

Particularly when you compare the price of hair transplants in western nations, the cost of hair transplants in Delhi is far too low. Because of their higher costs of living, cosmetic procedures are quite expensive in the western world. These nations often offer insurance coverage for medical services, however these policies do not cover cosmetic operations.

The cost of a hair transplant in Delhi is low compared to other major cities nationwide, while the quality of the procedures may vary. The superb hair transplant business in Delhi has long been a draw for tourists, who come to the city in greater numbers to have the procedure.

Since then, the hair transplant industry has flourished, and the number of clinics is increasing significantly each year. The opening of so many clinics has raised competitors among those in the city whose prices have dropped as a result of the entrance of so many clinics. All the clinics provide different service levels at comparable prices, but only a select number have a strong reputation for their work.

The cost of a hair transplant at the Panacea Global Hair Services in Delhi may range from 60,000 to 400,000 INR; this will be determined after your initial consultation with our doctor. Numerous variables that affect different components of the hair transplant technique determine the treatment’s cost.

What You Need to Know About Hair Transplant Surgery

In the majority of cases, there are almost no complications or risks after the hair transplant. Even if the complications occur, they are not harmful and diminish after a few weeks. Some of the issues that may appear after the hair restoration surgery are bleeding, swelling, infection, bruising around the eyes, numbness in the treated area, itching, inflammation among others. As these symptoms can be easily treated with medication, the patient should not worry. For any other doubts, one can always seek medical attention and follow the advice of the surgeons for a better and healthy recovery.

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