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When you hear the word "e-cigarette," many people may imagine heated cigarettes such as iQOS and glo. However, a new style of e-cigarette, known as a "vape," in which liquid is heated and vapor is enjoyed, has been gaining popularity in the United Kingdom and other Western countries for some time, and is now beginning to spread in Japan, riding the wave of heated cigarettes. In this issue, we will introduce the basics of vape and popular flavors for those who want to start vaping.

What is an electronic cigarette that heats liquid?

An e-cigarette vape is equipped with several features that are not found in paper cigarettes or heated cigarettes. In this paragraph, we will explain the features of a vape.

1. vapor, not smoke

With cigarettes, you breathe in the smoke produced by burning tobacco leaves. On the other hand, a vape is enjoyed by inhaling the vapor that is produced when a specially flavored liquid is heated with the power of electricity. On the other hand, the special sticks used in iQOS and glo contain tobacco leaves, and this is also true for the special capsules through which the vapor is passed in Ploom TECH. However, vape liquids do not contain any nicotine or tar, as tobacco leaves are basically not used in vape liquids. Although they are called "e-cigarettes," vape liquids that do not contain nicotine and are not made from tobacco leaves are not exactly cigarettes. 2.

2. compare and enjoy the aroma

Basically, vapes are used for the purpose of relaxing through the aroma of vapor and for quitting smoking or reducing smoking by simulating the experience of smoking. There is a big difference in this respect from cigarettes and heated cigarettes, which are often smoked to ingest nicotine. One of the attractions of vape is the ability to compare and enjoy a wide variety of flavors. There are many different brands of vape liquids produced in Japan and China vape manufacturers, and each company has its own unique flavor formulation.

What are the ingredients of the liquid?

Vape liquids are composed of three main ingredients: PG, VG, and flavoring. In this paragraph, we will look at the characteristics and ratios of each ingredient.

1. propylene glycol (PG)

Propylene glycol, also known as PG for short, is an ingredient used as a base for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and is not considered to be harmful to the human body. Another characteristic of PG would be that it is an ingredient not found in conventional cigarettes. In a typical liquid, PG accounts for 30-50% of the ingredients; the higher the PG content, the easier it tends to be to add flavor, and a liquid with a high PG content will have a sharp, clean taste.

2. vegetable glycerin (VG)

VG is an abbreviation for vegetable glycerin, an ingredient that comes mainly from coconuts. It is used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food additives. Since glycerin is an ingredient originally found in the human body, there is no need to worry about its hazardous properties. As for the ratio of ingredients in a typical liquid, VG accounts for about 50-70% of the ingredients. The higher the ratio of VG, the greater the amount of vapor produced, so products that are called "smoke bomb" types, in which a large amount of smoke is enjoyed, contain a large amount of VG.

In fact, there are even organic, 100% plant-derived products that are called "VG 100%" and even use VG in their flavoring. Note that VG is characterized by its high viscosity, and people who are not accustomed to using products with a high percentage of VG may cause the coils to burn.

3. flavoring

Flavoring, which is the source of the vapor's taste and aroma, accounts for about 5% of the liquid's composition. The ingredients contained in flavoring vary depending on the manufacturer, but basically, ingredients that are not harmful to the human body, such as those found in beverages and foods, are used. Each manufacturer does not disclose the type of flavoring ingredients used in their liquids. Each manufacturer researches original flavors by blending various flavors, and the finished recipe is a trade secret that cannot be disclosed outside of the company's premises. The reason why the aroma and taste of the same flavor differs from one manufacturer to another can be attributed to the fact that each manufacturer is dedicated to researching original liquids day and night.

What are the health effects of vaping?

It is widely known that cigarettes are harmful to health, but how do vapes affect the human body? In this paragraph, we will discuss the health effects of vapes.

1. does not contain toxic substances

Since tobacco leaves are not used in the vape liquid, the vapor from a vape does not contain nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, or other harmful substances. However, nicotine is only available in products manufactured or sold in Japan. This is because it is prohibited by law to manufacture or sell liquid containing nicotine in Japan. You can obtain nicotine-containing liquid in Japan only if you personally order it from overseas via the Internet or other means.

Incidentally, tobacco leaves are used in heated tobacco sticks, but they are heated at a relatively low temperature without using fire, so the amount of tar in the vapor is greatly reduced compared to that of paper cigarettes. 2.

2. do they produce carcinogens?

Vape liquid is composed of PG, VG, flavorings and nicotine salt, of which PG is said to be a possible carcinogenic ingredient. According to a report published in a world-renowned medical journal, a carcinogen called formaldehyde is produced when PG is heated to a high voltage of 5 V or higher. However, the voltage that can be applied from the battery to the heating unit called an atomizer when using a vape is basically about 3.5V.

This means that formaldehyde is not generated as long as the vape is used normally. Although it cannot be said that there is absolutely no risk of formaldehyde production, the smoke from regular cigarettes contains far more carcinogenic substances than that from a vape. 3.

3. no second-hand smoke

Unlike paper cigarettes, e-cigarettes, including vape cigarettes, are designed in such a way that they do not produce secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke from a cigarette is said to contain two to three times more harmful substances than the mainstream smoke inhaled by the smoker. The national and local governments are working to enact laws to prevent the damage of passive smoking caused by secondhand smoke, but if you use a vape that does not generate secondhand smoke, you do not have to worry about disturbing others.

The smoke produced by a vape is a vapor called aerosol, which not only does not produce secondhand smoke, but also does not contain toxic substances in the mainstream smoke. Therefore, there is no risk of endangering the health of those around you by exhaling smoke from your mouth, and you can enjoy the vapor with peace of mind.

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