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Dog lovers around the world know that dogs are the best pets to adopt. Dogs are the most loyal, loving and intelligent animals to have as personal companions. They love their owner unconditionally. No wonder they are "man's best friend." Most of the dogs popular in India are imported. Some of the most popular dog breeds in India,
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The Beagle is a very friendly and intelligent dog. This is the cutest and most loved pet breed in the world. It is a small to medium sized compact dog that is used as a guard dog at airports because of its keen sense of smell. The color is tricolor or white in combination with black and tan or tan. It has short, stiff coat of medium length.
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Considered a versatile worker in the dog kingdom, the German Shepherd is a dog breed that is curious, loyal, intelligent and courageous. They can risk their lives to protect their family, making them the best guard dogs in the world, Dog Friends.

As an active and mobile breed, the German Shepherd needs ample daily exercise.
Often referred to as the "Apollo of the Dogs", the Great Dane is a very obedient guard dog and easy to train because of his intelligence. He is very friendly and loves children, humans and other dogs. Available in black, blue, fawn, coat, harlequin and brindle. Pomeranian Dog price in hyderabad Pomeranian Dog price in chennai

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