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Ye Quan's words made Tong Yehui lower his head to think. After a moment, he raised his head and looked at Ye Quan. His eyes were steady and his tone was strong and convincing. He said: Ye Quan, I don't defend myself. I just want you to think that a person's mood is different at the age of 20 and 30. Moreover, pure love will be diluted by time. For a man, the feelings mixed with guilt are more solid, and you can never give her a real cure. All her damage is given by me. Only I will be kept in her heart all my life. How badly she hurts, she will remember me deeply. Only I can give her a chance to live a normal life in the future. In the end, she will be old. What will she do when she is old? Who can make her not lonely, not lonely? Who will compensate her for her lifelong injustice? After Tong Yehui finished, Ye Quan put his body close to the back of the chair and squinted to study him. After a while, he said: "Tong Yehui, I have to admit that your words are very convincing, but I still want to take the regret away. What would you do?" : Tong Yehui shook his head and said lightly, "You can't take her away. She has a criminal record. I can stop her just by applying for a visa. Your family power can't reach the country.". And I can also tell you that I can use all means to make her turn back, I can cut off all her sources of livelihood, so that she has nowhere to live, no way out, people can not bow in front of fate, but will compromise on life. Ye Quan suddenly laughed, "People can not bow in front of fate,38 needle valve, but they will compromise with life." He laughed helplessly and repeated this sentence, and then he stopped looking at Tong Yehui and bent down to pack up the fishing gear, apparently not wanting to continue the conversation. Tong Yehui also stood up. He looked at Ye Quan's back with a conciliatory tone: "Ye Quan, you will fall in love and get married in the future. You will have your own life. You have your established life trajectory to go. Regrettably, you can only be a passer-by in your life. You think she is very special, but you can't really insert her heart, and she doesn't want to enter your life." These are things that no matter how much perseverance you have,brass tube fitting, you can't overcome. Ye Quan packed up his things and straightened up. He faced Tong Yehui and said, "Tong Yehui, you have a kind of brave ambition and persistent spirit. As a man, I understand you to some extent, but I still hate you very much." Then he turned around and left Tong Yehui a figure and went straight out. Tong Yehui smiled softly behind him. He suddenly shouted to Ye Quan, who was going to walk away: "Ye Quan, help me live in the house of regret. Just help regret." Ye Quan suddenly looked back, he squinted at the direction of Tong Yehui standing, he slowly raised his right fist to his chest, a slight pause, and then suddenly firmly raised his middle finger, and finally, he suddenly turned away without dragging his feet. Days in the absence of pressure, suddenly walked forward, stainless steel hydraulic fitting ,stainless steel tube fitting, regretting that she did not go out in her own house, she and Ye Zhen did not deal with each other very much, her buttocks seemed to be thinner under the torture of a continuous after-dinner walk, Sasha did not come recently, the dew marriage of a pair of mature men and women seemed to dissipate the passion, Ye Quan was still the same, he seemed to be happy. Bring regret to a happy mood, but regret to turn around when he will feel his lonely eyes on his own body, regret to feel that she and Ye Quan's fate is also going to end. Half a month later, one day, during the routine lunch break, Ye Quan lay beside him and took out a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to him. With a very reluctant expression on his face, he muttered: "Well, sorry, I found you a tenant. The price he offered is very high. Well, if we come back and leave, won't you be lonely?"? I'll make the decision and promise you. Ye Quan handed over a rent contract with a check in it. Regrettably, he saw Tong Yehui's name on the check. Without saying anything, he folded the paper together with the check and put it in his pants pocket. Regrettably, knowing that Ye Quan was leaving, she put her head on Ye Quan's shoulder: "Ye Quan, I always have a stomachache recently.". "Suddenly came out of an irrelevant words, tactful words, the tone of detainment.". Ye Quan understands. They all know that, in fact, they are who can not keep who, regret that this tactful detainment is only a moment of melancholy mood. Ye Quan said slowly in a low voice: "Regret, don't be too stubborn with yourself, do you know?"? If you feel really suffocated in the future, call your brother. She turned her head to one side and tears filled her eyes. No one had ever told her so in her life. But for a moment she blinked the tears out of her eyes and turned back with a sneer. "Are you my knight?" "I want to be your prince." Ye Quan's deep and lonely tone. Regret life is silent again. The next morning, she was woken up by the sound of birds singing outside the window. Downstairs came the sound of walking up and down the stairs. The door of the courtyard opened and closed. The muffled noise came through the door. She got up, changed her pajamas and went out of the door. She stood upstairs and looked at her yard. Two young people dressed like company employees were carrying some documents and office appliances outside. After Ye Zhen moved in, these things were also sent in one after another. Ye Quan walked in from outside the gate of the courtyard and looked at the man standing upstairs. They looked at each other in silence for a long time. Under the quiet and deep eyes of the man, Ye Quan opened his mouth with difficulty: "Regret, we have to go." Seeing that he did not speak, Ye Quan said, "Yes, your new tenant is here, and he will move in today." Tong Yehui, as if for the occasion, just came in from the gate of the courtyard and appeared behind Ye Quan. Tong Yehui looked up at the regret, three people in a straight line, the regret looked at Ye Quan, stretched out to the railing outside the arm suddenly dropped down, at that moment she felt that she lost something,pipe fittings manufacturer, but she did not understand what it was, so there was no way to find it, leaving only a huge sense of loss and a confused mood.

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