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The flirtatious and charming smile returned to his face, but in my eyes, it was completely different. Maybe I shouldn't have appeared in front of him at all, and he shouldn't have followed me when he saw me. God played a big joke on him and let us meet at the wrong time. You Look at my body? Be responsible. I.. Can't you replace him? "Joe, in fact, the mermaid also has his happiness." …… The car roared past, taking away the cold and lonely figure. At that time, I did not know what I had missed, and it seemed that all this was doomed. Back to the dormitory, I thought about all the things before and after, always feel not right, and can not sort out a clue, so I fell asleep again in a daze, even the people in the dormitory did not know. Because, at that time, my whole body was sucked into that dream again. A dark walkway, like walking under the ground, gloomy,Nail machine supplier, bleak with a musty smell, occasionally a little light through the cracks in the wall, but did not feel a trace of warmth, and the reflection of the dim image, is even more chilling. I ascended the steps along the candlestick attached to the wall, and the flickering candlelight reflected the flickering figure. Soon we came to a place full of wooden fences and chains. I guessed that it was a prison cell. It soon proved my conjecture. Looking at the past, a man dressed in black was sitting at a square table in front of the prison,Coil Nail Making Machine, with a golden crown tied around his hair, a black and gold belt embroidered with dragon patterns wrapped around his waist, and a fine brocade showing the dignity of the master. Is that him? Why is he in a place like this? The dim light made me unable to see the expression on his face, but I could feel the coldness and danger emanating from him. Without the loneliness of that day in the study, without the melancholy of that night, he was very dignified at the moment. His eyes were as cold as a changed person, looking at the people in the cell. Unfortunately, the dark light made me unable to see what the people inside looked like. Occasionally, some sounds come out, which are particularly abrupt in the empty space. I heard you wanted to see me? The man in beautiful clothes said coldly that his eyes had never left the people in front of him. What's the matter? Can't the younger brother come to see the elder brother? The man in the dark was cynical, not like a prisoner at all, and his tone was superior. I think, since ten years ago, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,nail manufacturing machine, we are no longer brothers, now that the family does not seem hypocritical? The man in beautiful clothes did not think so. For a long time, there was no response, as if the words had caused the prisoners to think deeply. It's been ten years. In a flash, you should hate me! Yes! You should hate me, because I hate you, too! God is so unfair, since there is me, why is there one more you?! No, with that extra one! I was ashamed that his argument was a bit like He Shengliang's. I heard it in a fog. I really didn't know what they were talking about. I could only guess that they should be brothers. If I had known that day, why should I have. You brought it on yourself, and you can't blame anyone else. If you want to see me to say this, then I will not accompany you! The man in beautiful clothes was about to get up and leave. Don't you want to know why I did this to you? "Fumigated by the desire for power!"! What is there to ask? Even so, his movements stopped because of the other side's words. A lust for power? Ha-ha! Said well, I have great power, but, I open prince, the world sooner or later is mine, what power can not? Why would I do that? It seems You really don't know anything. What are you trying to say?! Don't keep me in suspense, it won't help! He frowned, apparently disturbed by the man's words. "You don't know, the father doesn't know, even the mother doesn't know, I peeked at the testamentary edict!"! So I live to be a cover for you! It's just a decoration! I am a prince in name only! Do you know what it means when he gives you military power? He wants you to succeed to the throne! Ha-ha! Then what am I? Am I not his son? I am the eldest son and the grandson! I'm the one who owns the country! You're just a descendant of the barbarians. Why should you argue with me? "Keep your mouth clean!"! Don't you insult my mother! I saw his eyebrows more and more tangled, scolding him. The throne? A testamentary edict? I heard a little clue that their identities were really not simple. Am I wrong? Ha! The old man thought he could hide the truth, but that day I.. The voice paused, seemed to think of something unpleasant, and then slowly continued, "I want to laugh every time I hear him say that he wants brothers to live in harmony, he wants me to take good care of my younger brother, so high-sounding, but to help you ascend!"! So there was that incident ten years ago! It's not strange, it's really not strange. You should have died then. Why did you come back? He suddenly went wild, and his voice was so high that it was frightening in the narrow cell. And your evil brother, he shouldn't have appeared at all! The throne is mine. It has always been mine. Why should I give it to you? He seemed to be sinking into a bog and said to himself crazily. Is that the reason why your temperament has changed greatly? So when I was ten years old, I fell into the water for no reason? Will there be a killer to assassinate? Let me go to Sealand? Killed Yin? Ha ha ha ha, just for this, if you had told me earlier, it would not have turned out like this at all. "Tell you?" As if hearing a joke, the man in the dark laughed softly, "It's a world!"! Do you think it's a thing or a woman? I said you'd give it to me? Unable! I just want to destroy the testamentary edict,Automatic nail machine, I hate it! Hate that you don't need to do anything to get the favor and love of your father. And always indifferent to me, I thought this was the indifference that a king should have, but I didn't expect him to have such a heart! 。

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