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I'm not familiar with that period of history, and I'm not very interested in it. But hearing what he said, I couldn't help looking at the railway. It is late autumn weather, the morning sun is very soft, the chestnut leaves on the roadside are dotted with dew, shining quickly from the eyes, occasionally you can see a few chestnuts hanging on the branches like cactus balls. At the foot of the hill beyond the trees, a Harmony bullet train was passing rapidly and smoothly over the tracks, gliding silently like a huge dolphin on the water. If you are a passer-by from other places, it is hard to find that today's Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, the Ping-Han Railway of that year, is hidden under the dense chestnut trees. Liu Zhi is a git! Lawyer Liang said. The mountain rain is coming, the building is full of wind, and the city is about to be destroyed by dark clouds. Grandfather said that before the signing of the Hankou Agreement, the Central Plains Military Region had long been shrouded in a tense and grim atmosphere. Information received from various sources showed that the Kuomintang was mobilizing troops and building fortifications every day. It is well known that Chiang Kai-shek wants to eat up the Central Plains Military Region. As a matter of fact, the base areas in the Liberated Areas are gradually being occupied. The Central Plains Military Region, with more than 60,000 men, was besieged by more than 20 Kuomintang brigades and about 300,000 men in the vicinity of Xuanhuadian, a narrow strip of land with a radius of less than 100 Li. The Central Plains Military Region is like a silkworm chrysalis, tightly wrapped in a spider web of Kuomintang troops. Just then, they got the news that Zhou Enlai would go to Xuanhua store for field investigation. The night of May 8 is really unforgettable! Grandfather said,14 needle valve, "We have the honor to witness Vice Chairman Zhou's elegant demeanor, which is really very natural and unrestrained!" At that time, in the questioning voice of the whole family, I always asked my grandfather curiously about some details of Zhou Enlai's Xuanhua store, such as what Zhou Enlai said. Grandfather said: "Vice Chairman Zhou's speech is really very good, worthy of our first foreign minister!" When my grandfather was in high spirits, he would imitate Zhou Enlai's tone and say, "I am both the host and the guest today.". As the host, I welcome the guests and visiting journalists who come to Xuanhua to negotiate,tube fitting manufacturer, and welcome your contribution to the maintenance of peace. As a guest, I would like to thank the owner of Xuanhua Store for doing a lot of useful work. The road to peace is very tortuous, I think, as long as the interests of the people, the goal can be achieved! At the end, Grandpa waved his hand in a decent way. God, his words shook my heart, and with these words, I want to believe that my grandfather's words are true. Damn, there's something wrong with this road! After the car turned a few forks, lawyer Liang suddenly said. Secretary Su said faintly, "Let's ask the way and get there before noon so as not to delay things." Secretary Su's name is Su Weimin. He used to be the director of the district government office. He has been transferred to our Xianshan Development Zone as secretary for five years. Originally, it was a transition. At that time, Xianshan Development Zone had just been established, enclosing a piece of land, like a blank sheet of paper, hydraulic fitting supplier ,12 needle valve, without a decent enterprise, it could be promoted when the development zone was initially formed. Now the development zone can not be said to be full of famous enterprises, but also can be said to have begun to take shape, in several development zones in Shencheng City is like a thing. However, Secretary Su said that he would be transferred every year, and the Organization Department also came to assess and evaluate every year, but it only thundered and did not rain, and there has been no movement. In a twinkling of an eye, Secretary Su was more than forty years old, and his temples were already white. Xianshan Development Zone was originally under the jurisdiction of Shihe District, but recently it was rumored that it would be merged into the more remote Nanhu District. All of a sudden, there was a tense and decadent atmosphere in the district office building. If we merge into Nanhu District, we will undoubtedly lose all the resources, contacts and relationships of the past. It won't work in the future. Maybe there are small shoes to wear. They all want to be transferred before the merger. Secretary Su, in particular, is still uncertain about his future. He is like a lump in his throat. He is burning with anxiety. How can he be worried. As the deputy director of the development zone, I have long been discouraged by a large number of cadres at the deputy section level in the whole district. It's going to rain, mother is going to get married, let it go! There is an old farmer by the roadside, who is hoeing in the field. Lawyer Liang stopped the car and asked loudly out of the window, "Old man, where does the road ahead lead to?" "You're not going wrong!" The old man stopped, glanced at us, and said coldly. Several of us looked at each other. Could it be a strange person who could see the destination of our trip. The old man pointed forward with his hand and said with certainty, "This road leads to Wuhan!" Old Liang and I could not help laughing, really enough to die, did not say that we are going to Wuhan ah! But Secretary Su in the back seat was unmoved, silent and frowning. At a quarter past eleven, the Xuanhua store finally arrived. Then the car turned right, down the slope, onto a dusty gravel road, and bumped into a market town. Although it was nearly noon, the market town was still very busy, with all kinds of farm vehicles and pedestrians crowded together, and the traffic was very slow. Lawyer Liang asked the people in the street again and again to find out the general location of the Xuanhuadian Memorial Hall, which needed to cross a stone bridge inside the market town. We crossed the stone bridge and found that the Roewe behind us did not follow. Lawyer Liang said: "They don't know how to turn and drive past!" I said, "I'll go down and wait for them." Lawyer Liang stopped the car and put me down. There is only one street in the market town, which is not big, but it is very crowded. I squatted beside the pier and took out a cigarette to smoke. If you look down from the sky, the market town looks like a busy and noisy ant nest. Everyone seems to be busy, but the pace is slow, buying vegetables, asking prices, chatting, weighing, very lively, busy and disorderly. Occasionally, there were children chasing back and forth, screaming and running through the crowd. There was a peasant woman who set up a firewood pot and was frying white fish sticks on the Kang. In the bamboo basket beside her were small white fish that had been fried. They were brown and strong, and could be eaten directly. There were even a few seasonal flower fish of about half a catty. The first time I saw the fish fried and then sold, it was probably a helpless plan to prevent the fish from deteriorating! At this time, I suddenly smelled a strange smell,ball valve manufacturer, only to find a few buffaloes tied to the roadside, pulled a few balls of cow dung, and suddenly felt sick to my stomach. I got up and was about to take out my cell phone to call Director Liu when I saw the brown Roewe car coming slowly from the crowd.

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