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[Gang] Mo Jinhan: "O _ O!!"! Xie, I can't accept my husband as my apprentice! Why don't you bully people like this? [Gang] Drunk: "… …" It's so bleak What was even more sad was the discovery that there was a mistake in the intelligence. The brand of the 90 constellations that was made could not be handed over at all. It was done in vain. It had been expected that after handing in the stars, it would suddenly soar to more than 70. Xiao Mo only obediently acted as a coolie, and was also given to a pig who ate free food. It's the place of the 6 monsters next to the monster. After a few times, the two Shaoxia have risen to more than 30 levels, and Xiao Mo is so proud. Suddenly, I saw the blood bar of the top pig emptied, ah? Didn't you hang up? Don't you have to go back to the city to pick up people? My little wife number 105 + can't be transmitted here at all? Do not want to see the top pig is still good to stay near the monster, scared. Drunk: "Pig, are you convinced?" Ling Jueding: "… …" I saw a hint coming out of a pile of experience: a drunken man defeated Ling Jueding. Mo Jinhan: How dare you two children duel in the middle of this ferocious monster? No school, no skills to fight? Shukuangyi drunk: " [Teng Hui] add blood, ha ha, I told her to ride on the mount is not dry, I finally hit the explosion to kill her.". ” Ling Juedin: "Despicable..." Mo Jinhan: "No blood, no blood. Do you want to send a dish to the monster?"? No, you two can't get enough side dishes now, O (∩ _ ∩) O Haha ~ Sparse crazy drunk: "..." Ling Jueding: "… …" Thirty-six and nine nether envoys In the past two days, there are more and more people flying up. Looking at Shura, they all pull the lid of the pot 24 hours a day. Most of them directly open a trumpet and set up a stall next to it. The stall number is "take the trumpet to earn the medicine fee" and put it directly. Those of other professions who want to upgrade their families basically can't find a place, which completely disrupts the upgrade system of Zhu Xian. Complaints are heard everywhere. It is not unreasonable that Qingyun always causes public indignation. Politely touch the nose to get away, do other tasks or brush the battlefield, or in a position there are both Qingyun hang-up and other such as the ghost king ah acacia ah single cut, who grabbed the ability to count,14 tube fitting, not polite, no nonsense, directly to the front of the Qing hang-up, was Qing again anti-Qing, Shura bleeding drift oars, just shuffle, there are busybodies, directly sit back and reap the benefits. When the venue is empty,stainless steel needle valve, exclaim, ah! This unexpectedly no one, hang up, the old Qingyun has food to eat again, really killed Xia Minghan, and later generations, very lively. Xiao Mo is glad that he is kind on weekdays and has no enemies. Otherwise, how can he afford to be crazy? However, in view of their work and rest time is not fixed, and a six-position hang-up position is not easy to find, Xiao Mo basically handed over his tuba to Shukuang, Saturday, 149! According to Xiao Mo's original plan, it will take half a month to reach the full level! It's 149 now! Why is it full? Do more people have to ask themselves the question of whether to fly or not? The original is now the sleepless night task to kill the proportion of the experience, no wonder so much experience, according to the previous, 38 tube fitting ,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, according to the fixed task experience, kill more strange, more is only to kill each strange experience, more than 40000 experience a, and was sparse crazy and top pig number points, the rest of the experience and small Mo level required experience compared to a drop in the bucket, 148-150 is a Hom, difficult In this case, the full level of the three-stage pig is very infuriating. Too speechless, obviously he is still in the back of her rise of 148, and their own, just rose of 149 has not finished ah, he actually has been full?! I thought he was joking, but look at the gang rankings, and sure enough, 150. It is said that I ate nearly 100 golden hero posts of Shura in one night. (Golden hero posts of Shura: This refers to the contribution of each school through the payment of rare treasures and merit incense to the emissaries of the school. It is divided into ordinary, scarlet and golden ones. Different tasks have different experiences. The experience of golden posts is particularly considerable. For example, a golden post of Shura has more than 50 million experiences. The condition is: when the door tribute is more than 2.8 million before receiving Shura's gold-lettered task. Xiao Mo was stimulated and turned over his reputation. What's the difference between 220,000, 220,000 and 2.8 million? On average, there are only 20,000 tributes for 100 pieces of merit incense. How much incense should be collected? How much RMB to collect 2.8 million?? NeiNiuMian.. And every day can only get a post, 100 = got 100 days, three pigs can save 100 days of birds, do anything is organized and prepared, which is like the original little Mo pig, nothing to see, direct promiscuity, a Qingyun disciple, to the golden bell of acacia, to the ghost king's Youji, to Tianyin's Faji. Only Qingyun's old man Baiyun handed in less thieves. It is estimated that at that time, if she had already gone out of the profession of ghosts, she would have handed in to Chang Zai again. A disgraceful traitor.. This is the essential difference between the old bird and the rookie. The small Mo number was handed over to Shukuang Guan. Every day, she drove the little wife number leisurely and leisurely to follow the apprentice to mix the battlefield. The concubine number was dressed in white, and only gave the apprentice extra defense, picking up beads and so on. It was shameful to do the hooking up of freeloading again. Then she did the task and mixed up with the apprentice on 120. Thanks to her good luck, she received a good apprentice. But this good apprentice also has a tangled place, he always wants to repay his kindness-always remember that Xiao Mo is the first person who is good to him in the game, remember that Xiao Mo took him to 75, Xiao Mo gave him the first game gift, the value of 100J of the divine seven stars, always try to be good to Xiao Mo, just drew the purple awn, the hand did not release heat to Xiao Mo. On the day of 105, I sent another purple mango to Shu Kuang, saying that it was a gift to thank the teacher. Xiao Mo was very entangled, and he was really short-handed. For example, now, in the middle of the battlefield,needle valve manufacturer, he loses a string of pig's head crying expressions. Xiao Mo likes the pig's head expression very much, and even her apprentice likes the pig's head expression. "What's the matter?"? Apprentice? Why are you crying? Baby Youyou: … (>_<)…… ” Smoke across the water: "… … (>_<)…… ” Baby Youyou: "Master, when will you fly?" Smoke across the water: "..."

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