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There are many skeletons of creatures, and most of them are ribs. They are different creatures, big and small. In order to prevent any creature from hiding in the attack, Leviathan pulled Susumi on his back. Lin carefully observed the skeletons to see if there were any centipedes hidden inside. Found it! Lin saw a skeleton move in a pile of ribs, and the Leviathan flew slowly in that direction. The skeleton seemed to realize that Lin had found it. It suddenly jumped up and ran deep into the cave. But after a few steps, it was stuck to the ground by a sticky bullet and could not move any more. So now let's take a look at the secret of this creature. (To be continued.) Chapter one hundred and ten rib biology and underground ecology. This creature.. It's really made of bone. This is Lin's first thought after decomposing the rib centipede. The carapace of its whole body is similar to the skeletal structure of a creature. Although the carapace of a general arthropod also has some skeletal components in it, there are still many differences. But the rib centipede is different, it is completely outside the skeleton, and Lin found that its internal structure is not like arthropods, but like reptiles, with lungs and other organs, muscles similar to vertebrates, no hydraulic system. This creature should not be an arthropod, but like a turtle, a creature that grows bones out of the body, but this creature is so strange that it is exactly the same as a rib, in which the spine is its body, the ribs are its limbs, and there are six pairs of limbs in total. The overall shape is quite similar to a centipede, but in fact it has only three pairs of limbs. The other three pairs of limbs in the upper body are formed by knuckles, and its fingers have been specialized into the same structure as the limbs, but the residual structure of finger changes can be seen in the body. It's kind of like a pterodactyl's wing membrane,Nail machine supplier, which is also stretched with fingers. This creature looks like a centipede, but it is a vertebrate. It feels very wonderful. The most wonderful thing is that there are small holes arranged on the three pairs of limbs of its upper body, which can be used to discharge a special substance. This substance, which Lin thought was collected from the bones of various corpses, was very flammable and would burn blue-green when exposed to air, so the phenomenon of the previous flame appeared, and then the rib centipede blew through a small hole to push the flame to attack. This is really funny. I guess the rib centipede turned out to be a scavenger. They live in piles of corpses for a long time and continue to evolve. Its body has also become similar to bone. It is very good for camouflage. It not only looks like a bone, but also tastes like a bone. But there are still some bone-breaking creatures with strong bite force that may attack it, so they must also have the ability to defend themselves. And unlike those slow turtles, their movements are very flexible, and the teeth in their mouths have become insect-like structures. It is suitable for cutting bones and meat. And they have special vocal cords that can scream, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, "Ah-", which Lin thinks is more interesting than their ability to set fire. But what puzzles Lin is why they mix with scorpions? There should be no mutually beneficial relationship between these two creatures, but the rib centipede does lie on the scorpion. Lin remembered the plague fungus, only after they were infected, different types of organisms will be mixed together, but this centipede is very normal, its brain is not affected by any special, judgment should not be a problem. The same is true of Scorpions, which Lin has seen before. It is certain that they have reached some kind of relationship. But how? Because scorpions are scavengers? In this way, they should be more competitive. Leviathan put the centipede he had studied on the ground, and Susumi immediately jumped down and began to eat it. He grabbed the bone and tried to bite it a few times, but it was too hard to bite. Leviathan grabbed Susumi back on his back and continued to fly deep into the cave. There must be secrets of centipedes and scorpions in it. There were quite a lot of bones on the floor of the cave. Lin felt that they were all collected from outside, but how did they drag such big bones so far? Ahead, the cave became narrow, although the Leviathan could still pass through, but Lin felt that it might become narrower and narrower, as expected, it was not very convenient to be too big. However, after entering the depths, the previous'cold 'feeling outside has subsided, and it seems that it has not affected here. The surroundings were getting darker and darker, and the Leviathan was shining. Lin saw that the whole cave seemed to be covered with bones, and there were many rib centipedes lurking in it. Now Lin could identify them very well. This is.. Lin found that the cave in front suddenly became wider again, and reached the end, the end of the cave wall is a completely flat wall, a look is very suspicious. The Leviathan approached the wall of the cave, reached out his tentacles and knocked. The wall of the cave was composed entirely of earth, and it seemed very soft. Ga! Su Sumi suddenly cried out, in the top of the cave wall came a'boom 'sound, the entire cave wall appeared numerous cracks, then instantly collapsed, turned into a pile of soil fell to the ground. How can this structure be so fragile? After the smoke and dust of the collapse dispersed, the light of Leviathan shone into the cave behind the cave wall, and the scene in front of us was.. A mass of flying creatures! Countless black-bodied flying creatures creaked toward the Leviathan, which seemed to be a small pterosaur. Instead of attacking, they all flew away and headed for the exit of the cave. After they flew away,wire nail machine manufacturers, Lin really saw the structure of the cave. This is Water? Behind the cave wall is a huge underground lake with a width of nearly 100 meters. Occasionally, there is a wonderful brilliance in the lake water. It may be that there are luminous microorganisms living here. Leviathan reached out his tentacles and made something like a transparent cover on Susumi's face, which Lin called a "filter" with a set of small organs at the bottom that could filter the air in the water for Susumi to breathe. Ga? What is this Susumi played with the hood on his head curiously. Don't do it. You can get air in the water. 。

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