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As soon as Liu Tiecheng, the bodyguard who was keeping vigil in Yanbo Zhishuangzhai, saw the three men staggering over, and looked at the emperor's sallow face, cold sweat, tired body and footsteps that could not be lifted, he was simply frightened. When he left here just now, wasn't the emperor all right? How did he become like this in a twinkling of an eye? He had no time to think about it, so he took a step forward, picked up the emperor and sent him to lie down on the Kang in the hall. When the chief eunuch Li Dequan and the deputy chief eunuch Xing Nian saw this, they all panicked. They took tranquilizing pills for the emperor and rubbed his chest and beat his back for the emperor. Xing Nian was a little superstitious, thinking that the emperor had some evil spirit, and was busy asking people to go outside to burn paper to send ghosts. Boy, this mess, this busy work! Not bad, Kangxi breathed a sigh of relief and finally woke up. Just as they were about to come forward to say hello, they heard Liu Tiecheng shouting outside the hall, "Oren Dai, do you want to die? Why don't you see where this is?" Kangxi, who had just woken up, flew into a rage, but was unable to get up. He struggled and said to Delengtai: "Go out and see why Liu Tiecheng is shouting so loudly. Can't you let me live in peace for a while?" Before De Lengtai could lift his feet, there came a loud cry from the Orokudai outside: "Well, Liu Tiecheng, the master is not here. Do you dare to teach me a lesson?"? Hum, not to mention here, even in the Palace of Heavenly Purity,car radiator cap, I dare to urinate. Can you take my father.. How's it going As soon as he looked up, he saw that Emperor Kangxi had come out with the help of the eunuch. He was so frightened that he didn't know what to do with his mouth wide open. He knelt down in a daze and said, "Er, er, master, the slave is drunk." Uh. That's why. Kangxi said angrily, "Are you drunk?"? When you get drunk, you come to me to get drunk, don't you? Liu Tiecheng,metal stamping parts, tie him up! Olundai was a man who was not intoxicated. As soon as he saw that the emperor was going to be serious, he said with a cheeky smile, "Oh, why, master.." Angry. At the beginning, the master met a robber in Luoma Lake during his southern tour. The master who killed him was Liu Tiecheng, and the one who escorted him was the slave Orendai. Now, master.. Let him tie me up, this. Kangxi was already furious: "Full of fart!"! Liu Tiecheng, tie him up, give him forty whips, and put him in the stable to sober up. Liu Tiecheng, don't be afraid of him, don't be afraid of Ruan, give me a hard beat, beat this unappreciative slave.. As soon as Kangxi said this, he suddenly felt flustered, his face was pale, his head was in a cold sweat, DIN screw plug ,Stainless steel foundry, and he could not stand and almost fell down. Li Dequan and Xing Nian rushed forward to embrace him and sent him back to the temple to lie down. Li Dequan sent someone to call the Imperial Physician in a panic, but Kangxi stopped him. Tonight, a series of blows, a series of indecent acts, really made Kangxi angry. He was so anxious that he lost his self-control. His heart was more sober than usual. The matter of the prince, needless to say. I'm afraid there is a background for this slave, Orokudai, who dares to be so arrogant. Why did Lao Shi invite him to drink? What did they say when they were drinking? Why did he dare to go here to play drunk and crazy when he was drunk? There is a lot of articles in it! And the two things that happened in a row can't be publicized. Therefore, although he was lying on the Kang with his eyes closed, his mind was nervously thinking about contingency measures. As soon as he heard that Li Dequan was going to send someone to call the Imperial Physician, he immediately waved his hand and said, "Li Dequan, what are you doing in the middle of the night? Everyone knows about it, and I can't live in peace.". I don't have a big deal. I'm just angry. You go and fetch the Suhe medicinal liquor that I personally prepared. Emperor Kangxi was proficient in medicine. In the past few years, when he was old, he always felt dizzy and flustered, so he wrote his own prescription and prepared a kind of medicinal liquor to save the emergency. After Li Dequan took the medicinal liquor, Kangxi only used a small cup, and immediately calmed down, and his face gradually became red. He opened his eyes and shouted, "Liu Tiecheng, go and deliver the decree.". Call big elder brother Yin-and three elder brother Yin, and Ma Qi and Zhang Tingyu to come here immediately. One by one, and don't disturb anyone, understand? "Zha!" Liu Tiecheng promised and went out quickly. Kangxi waved his hand and ordered all the eunuchs and palace maids to retire, leaving only De Lengtai and Zhang Wuge: "You two kneel down closer and come to my imperial couch." As soon as they heard this, they quickly untied their swords, stepped forward, and knelt beside Kangxi's imperial couch. Kangxi closed his eyes feebly, panted heavily, and after a long time, as if he had regained his spirits, he said slowly: "Five elder brother's life experience need not say, how you come to my side, also need not say it again.". De Lengtai, you came to me in the thirty-fifth year of Kangxi. "Yes, that emperor remember exactly." Thirteen years in a flash. I remember that year when you were a slave, you were so brave that you threw over more than a dozen Mongolian warriors and won the title of the first hero of Mongolia. I am afraid that your status is low, and you will be plotted against by others in the future, so I gave twelve East Pearl to your prince and bought you, and I will stay with you as a bodyguard. The inside story, you.. Do you know With tears in his eyes, Deleng Tai sobbed and said, "Your Majesty, please don't say anything. These things will never be forgotten by slaves forever.". The emperor's deep kindness, the slave's death is also difficult to repay. Kangxi took a heavy breath and said, "Don't say that.". You Mongolian men are the most loyal. Five elder brothers, also is the blood Xing man, today's matter, you both are present. In your opinion, what should we do? "Well, it's hard to say.". Prince, he's not right. He should apologize to the emperor. As soon as De Lengtai's words came out of his mouth, Zhang Wuge picked them up and said, "Your Majesty, although slaves are ignorant, this kind of thing has been seen a lot by big families.". If the emperor is angry about this and hurts the dragon's body, it's not worth it. As for the slave and Brother Delengtai,deep draw stamping, even if someone put a knife on our neck, we wouldn't say a word. Your Majesty, please rest assured. 。

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