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When the man heard this, he was so frightened that he shook his head like a rattle. He kept denying: "No, I wasn't scratched by a zombie. I was accidentally scratched by a wire!" However, his words are obviously not convincing, a boy is loudly pointing at him and shouting: "Chu eldest brother, I saw him was scratched by zombies, we can not keep him!" Chu Tianming nodded and waved the crowd back to both sides, while he himself walked up to the man. Let go. The boy looked at Chu Tianming fearfully, but his left hand covering the wound still did not loosen. Chu Tianming said again: "I let you go, if you are really scratched by wire, I know at a glance, but if you are scratched by zombies, then you should know what the consequences are!" No one knows the consequences of being scratched better than Chu Tianming, because it is clearly written on the skill column of all zombies. The boy saw Chu Tianming so firm, and looked at the other seven people's frightened and disgusted eyes, immediately slowly put down the hand covering the wound. As soon as he let go of his hand, Chu Tianming saw four deep visible bone wounds, which he knew at a glance were scratched by claws, not by any wire. Frowned, determined that the boy was really scratched by zombies, Chu Tianming also embarrassed up. If abandoned him, then Chu Tianming himself is ruthless, although he killed zombies without hesitation, but that is to zombies, and in front of this, but a living human ah! Kill a human personally, he Chu Tianming can't do it, maybe he can do it later, but now he can't do it, so he found that the boy was really scratched by zombies, but he was embarrassed. Should he be killed,Investment casting parts, or left to fend for himself, or should he still go back with him, regardless of the consequences that might put other people's lives in danger? The boy stood in place with his head down, as if he already knew how dark his fate was, but on his face on the ground, two eyes of real hatred exposed the most real thoughts in his heart. To say that he is now the most hated person in his heart, that is the boy who identified him, he knew in his heart, in fact, when he was scratched by zombies, no one saw him at all, because at that time he ran in the penultimate position, and when he was injured, that is, when the person behind him was caught by zombies, so the person who saw him injured was dead. The others were just running for their lives. Who would look back and see if the others behind them were all right? So he knew in his heart that the guy was just lying, titanium machining parts ,metal stamping parts, and he didn't see him being scratched by a zombie. Although his own heart also clearly understand that he was really scratched by zombies, the end is only one, that is to become the same as some zombies, become a walking corpse, even if that person does not say, the powerful Chu Tianming, will not easily believe themselves, but his heart is always reported a little expectation, but this expectation, is the guy to mercilessly strangled! Chu Tianming stood in front of the injured boy for more than a minute, and then he made a decision in his heart. Let's go! It's not a good place to stay. Do you want to stay here any longer? With that, Chu Tianming went directly around the disbelieving boy in front of him and walked downstairs. Behind him, Wu Gaofeng smiled and patted the boy on the shoulder. Rest assured, Tianming he is not a cold-blooded butcher, as long as you have not become those zombies, he will not kill you! With that, Wu Gaofeng pulled Liu Jin and hurriedly followed Chu Tianming in front of him. Liu Xiaoxiao looked at Chu Tianming's back curiously, and then followed him quickly. As for the boy's life and death, she didn't care at all. With her, there was Chu Yun, who was full of curiosity about Chu Tianming. After they looked at each other with hostility, they followed him. Brother Ming looked at Chu Tianming's back with complicated eyes. Thinking of the dwarf and the fat man who had died on the roof, he shook his head with a wry smile and thought, "It seems that I can only pretend to be a grandson with my head down now!" Finally, he followed quickly. Chapter 47 tell me why! There are still 117 votes short of 2500 votes, not much, today should be more, please everyone!!! With the crowd back to the basement, Chu Tianming all the way with Wu Gaofeng to understand, know that they have been staying in this basement these two days, but also know that they left the safe basement because of hunger, intend to come out to look for food. Understanding this matter, Chu Tianming took out some chocolate from his pocket and gave it to them. Of course, Chu Tianming did not bring much. The reason why he brought these was mainly to taste the taste. For him who had Bigu Dan, the food was not important at all. After giving them the chocolate in his pocket, Chu Tianming took out the key they were carrying and opened the door of the basement. The crowd filed in, closed the gate, and with that light, they walked all the way to the direction where they had rested before. The basement is not big or small, just like a half-reduced floor, with walls separating rooms and corridors, but much smaller than the laboratory building above. Unexpectedly, almost forty years later, the original basement is still so strong, the building was solid ah! It's not like now! Chu Tianming looked at the still solid wall, the heart can not help feeling a burst of emotion. At that moment, there was a sudden sound of deep panting and groaning in front of him. Chu Tianming's face changed, he is not a young man who does not know anything, as a senior three student, he has also talked about several girlfriends,CNC machining parts, naturally also had that experience. As soon as he heard the voice, where would he not understand! He had heard Wu Gaofeng say that when they left, two girls and two boys chose to stay. Now it seems that they are enjoying the pleasure of fish and water! I just don't know if those two girls are willing.

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