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Xu Chenglong smiled, such bargaining, so as not to waste the sixty thousand yuan he had just brushed off. Let me go up and watch him do the appraisal. It can be reduced to seven. Zhao Lei waited until Xiao Liu looked at him and lowered the price lightly. Three million directly rose to seven million, Xiao Liu's mood at the moment is not beautiful. ***! This madman, it's hard to apply for funds, do you know! Although when they actually checked out, it was estimated that the group had already been locked up, but what if. Vicious! What is more vicious is that he has to go up to face Mr. Sanshi, who clearly wants to see Zhao Lei to death, but also has to put on a show to meet and refuse. For example, he smashed a blue and white porcelain dish in a rage. Xiaoliu glared at Zhao Lei plaintively when he went downstairs. He was lowering his head and whispering something to Xu Chenglong, with no expression, and did not even look at him from the corner of his eyes. This informant is more professional than his undercover. Hate! "Mr. Sanshi asked you if there was any reason why you had to go up and stare at it." Xiaoliu is humble, and his long gown and Mandarin jacket are shaking. He was taller than he looked in winter, and he was a little thinner, from a teenager to a little man. Zhao Lei handed Xiao Liu a photo without saying a word. Inside was a green glazed pot that looked similar to what it had just looked like. He didn't explain much, but Xiao Liu had to hold back his unexpected embarrassment and mixed expressions. You can't be too explicit. You can only bend your waist lower and pull the corners of your mouth twice as if your acting skills were outstanding. I don't trust anyone. Zhao Lei got the photo back. It was only today that I learned that your husband had already had the same fake. Xu Chenglong sneers, this time, must go up. Watch your step. When Xiao Liu took Zhao Lei upstairs, he turned around and smiled at him. The corner of the stairs is the dead corner of the line of sight, Xu Chenglong and white hair can not see their expression, can only see them in the corner when a slight pause,car radiator cap, and then continue upward. Zhao Lei also smiled and clenched his hands into fists. Finally, I got in touch. Although it is not fair and aboveboard, pat him on the shoulder and give him a gay hug. The three stone room is very quiet. Old-fashioned houses can not have sound insulation, Xu Chenglong's voice of drinking tea and chatting downstairs can be clearly heard, so the two of them can not have too much movement. "Xiao Liu did his best to report the progress to the two downstairs, and lied to the two who were about to cry in the room." Sir, you don't like people around you. You can stand outside and watch. You can't go inside. Small six voice slightly anxious, a sound of footsteps,die casting parts, and then the sound of things on the table, upstairs was completely quiet down. Xu Chenglong smiled and put a red bean ball wrapped in glutinous rice into his mouth. Identification time is half an hour, upstairs so quiet for half an hour, occasionally some footsteps, Xiao Liu's voice will immediately ring up. Slightly distressed and some chagrin: "You, wait." White hair stood up and walked to the stairway, looked at the half-covered door, Zhao Lei stood by the door, small six close, afraid he broke in. Bai Mao smiled and despised Zhao Lei's eagerness. He knows his bottom, he also knows, Zhao Lei also knows his bottom. He came back because he couldn't get along, because of money, and because Zhao Lei couldn't get rid of the things in his hands. Xu Chenglong, a madman, will kill them sooner or later. Before killing them, Magnetic Drain Plug ,Steel investment casting, they have to get the money they deserve, and then kill Xu Chenglong. He's just a dirt digger, and he has the nerve to say he's his bodyguard. How can he, one day, he will let Xu Chenglong die more ugly than everyone else. Therefore, he will not move Zhao Lei, it can be seen that Zhao Lei did not intend to move him, the confrontation is done in front of Xu Chenglong, in private, the two will not even say much. How many Will be sad. After all, I used to live in the sun. In order to make up for such sadness, he had to get enough money. This Zhao Lei looks more anxious than him, and he looks ugly when eating. When Zhao Lei came down, the final transaction price was 6 million RMB. Three stone is only a middleman, after setting the price, the green glaze pot will still be taken away by Zhao Lei, and so on a suitable auction time, transfer the goods to complete the sale. Money laundering and buying and selling go on at the same time, which is why Mr. Sanshi's reputation is so great. Although the waiting time will be longer than the average trading time, his money is white and can be used immediately. Two million higher than Xu Chenglong's psychological price, so when he left, Xu Chenglong patted Xiaoliu on the face, and Huang Mater said, "The boy has a future." Small six smile, juvenile appearance is obvious, the face is the excitement after being praised, but the fundus is a respectful. Xu Chenglong was pleased by such an expression. When he left, he threw him five hundred yuan as a tip. Five pieces of red RMB were thrown on the table, and two of them floated to the ground. When Xu Chenglong left, he saw Zhao Lei deliberately stepping on one foot, and two pieces of RMB on the ground were instantly printed with black shoe prints. You Xu Chenglong laughed, "I can't be a great man." Is not to stop him not to let him see the identification, this gas, it is no wonder that the cultural relics are not sold, to the end of the crying back to him, kneeling and begging. When Xiao Liu waited for them to go out, he could not wait to squat down and pick up the money, wipe off the stains on it with a napkin, and carefully fold it and put it in his pocket. Xu Chenglong looked back just in time to see this scene and laughed again. He is in a good mood today. In all respects, the Liu family, the cultural relics brought back by Zhao Lei, and Mr. Sanshi, who finally showed his face. They are all people with weaknesses, so he is destined to rest easy one day. Go away? Mr. Sanshi's voice, in the room where the silence was restored, stopped Xiao Liu's hand picking up the money. Uh Xiao Liu answered softly. Three stone also did not speak again, small six bowed his head to take down the lantern hanging, locked the door. The candle upstairs continued for a night, and Xiaoliu slept downstairs,deep draw stamping, hearing the sound of three stones grinding ink, as well as a very light sigh. Xiao Liu tossed and turned and wrapped the quilt on his body more tightly. He knows the story of Zhao Lei, and he also knows the story of Bai Mao.

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