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"What's the matter with you, Miss?" Vanilla had already heard the noise and rushed out. First, she let Xiaoquanzi take the mat into the room and quickly helped me up. Rubbing my buttocks, I muttered to Ah Yi, "You broke my buttocks in half. What should I do?" "You're going to fall all over yourself. What kind of strange song are you singing?" A Yi may also be just playing, did not think I really fell down, was originally a look of guilt. Hearing my words, his face turned into a pig's liver. "Please, don't say that to a big girl, OK?" "Don't you have an ass?" I just wanted to tease him. This Ah Yi didn't dare to speak out when he was teased by me at the beginning. I thought it was funny. It seemed that Ah Yi had been defeated by me, and he rolled his eyes in the air again. "Now that Miss Qi has come back, I'm going to take my leave and reply to your Highness." With that, he swished away again, but there was a small murmur in the air: "What a beautiful girl,non standard fasteners, how can my mind be full of these devious things?" "Yeah-" I made a big grimace at his back. I'm two hundred percent sure that he said the last sentence to me on purpose. /////////////////// Today's first watch. People, tea has said that the collection will add more every hundred, think this book can still be read, comrades who have not had time to collect, take it; try to add more before the weekend! Recommend a book that I like very much,die cast light housing, and I hope my friends will also read it: ISBN: 1240190 Title: Evil Dance Author: Chalk Qin One sentence advertisement: Wandering between flattery and Jianghu, how to maintain the love between hatred and conspiracy … … Chapter 49 cousin of the main text. "Miss." When Vanilla came to the bed through the screen, I was lying on the bed with my limbs spread out in a big shape to enjoy the cool. After returning to my room just now, I quickly spread the mat of Xiaonangong on the bed, and when I lay on it, a stream of cool air came into my heart from behind. Wow, it feels like an air conditioner. Vanilla frowned, "Miss, even if there are no outsiders in the bedroom, at least pay attention to the image?" Suddenly Vanilla screamed loudly and unladylike, die casting parts ,alloy die casting, "Ah-Miss, you're bleeding." "Grass, be a lady." Sitting up, I looked down and saw that there was a big bloodstain on the mat and the skirt was dirty. Alas, our relatives are here again! Just pity this precious summer sleeping mat, the first time I used it, I suffered such inhuman treatment. I forgot to ask his master just now: Can I wash it with water if it is dirty? Nangong Mu said that a cool herb was placed in the middle of the mat. What if it failed after washing? Vanilla had already reacted and went out to bring me hot water to freshen up. I asked her to wipe the mat clean with a wet towel later. With a heavy sigh, he climbed out of bed and went to the cabinet to look for homemade tampons. This Mu Rou's body is the same as that of my previous life. Every time my relatives come, they are very enthusiastic and fierce. Not only was the amount very large, but my relatives insisted on staying for a full week and refused to leave. The simple sanitary napkin I made is not leak-proof, and the absorption effect is not so good, so I have to change clothes frequently these days every month and dare not go out. Now the weather is so hot, this tampon is not super thin, it is very uncomfortable to put it in the pants, and the lower part of the body is burning. Alas! Nangong Mu is also going to help me get ice cubes. I could have enjoyed a cool feeling in summer, but now it will be delayed for a week. She came out with tampons and clean underpants and skirts, just as vanilla water came in. After changing my clothes, I decided to clean the mat myself. This is the treasure I just got. I depend on it to spend this summer. I will cry to death if it is broken. Vanilla and I took the wrung out wet towel to wipe the dirty place on the mat, the palm touched the coolness, very surprised, "Miss, how can this mat be so magical?" "This is that land the prince gave me.". It is said that cool herbs are added in the middle of the mat. Wait a minute. Cool herbs? If you can find a so-called cool herb that absorbs water well. Make a slight improvement. Although it is impossible to make the seven-dimensional space of silk thin mesh surface, the effect will not be too bad. Uh. See Xia Jinyu another day and ask him to help me look for it in the hospital. If we can make improved tampons. I can live in peace with my relatives. Think of Xia Jinyu. I can't help thinking of his failure to keep an appointment today. And. The reason for missing an appointment. Xia Jinyu's father came to the capital. He also brought a so-called big beauty of his mother's relatives. The meaning is clearly there. In ancient times, isn't it the most popular to have a family of cousins? But I dare not lie in bed again. I just changed my clothes. I don't want to get the mat dirty again. Shaking a feather fan. I strolled into the yard for a walk. The distance from the inner room to the courtyard is only a few dozen steps. Shaking the feather fan, my arm is so sore. But I'm still sweating all over. It's like taking a sauna. Habitually, he went to the bottom of the apricot tree. All over the world, branches and leaves can not block the sun to wreak havoc. The fan was rattled by me. A few to the left and a few to the right. Bored to death. I threw the fan casually into the air. "Ah-" cried out loudly. The sun is burning in the sky, and there is no wind. What kind of nerve do I have to come to the yard to enjoy the cool? "Miss." Vanilla brought me a cup of summer tea, and picked up the feather fan to help me fan, "You are in a bad mood, Miss, what happened?" "No, nothing." Yeah,socket screw plug, why should I be in a bad mood for no reason? Eat, drink and sleep well every day. The lovely little boy also helped me get such a good mat for me to avoid summer heat. What else is there to be dissatisfied with? Vanilla didn't say anything, but she looked at me with concern.

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