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Jiang Yunan jumped across the body, stopped in front of Geshan, the sword was like a meteor, and attacked five swords. However, hearing a few sounds of gold and iron, Ge Shan's fierce offensive was suddenly blocked. It turned out that Jiang Yunan's sword, with its powerful internal force, had sealed Geshan's forward onslaught. Elder Bi shouted, "Old beggar Ge, you.." The speaker leapt up and pointed out. Jiang Yunan attacked the four swords, forcing Ge Shan to wave his arms and seal the four swords. But it leaves a huge gap behind it. As soon as Elder Bi pointed it out, it was in the middle of the acupoint. Ge Shan's body trembled and fell down. Elder Bi smiled faintly and said, "Sect Leader, the techniques of the Demon Sect of the Western Regions, although they are not good, have been used, but they also have shortcomings.." Zhou Peng had long wanted to make a move, but when he saw Tian Rong and Wang Fei, he was ready to make a move at any time, so he had to endure it. Jiang Yunan walked slowly to Zhou Peng and said, "Master Zhou, you didn't expect such a result, did you?" Zhou Peng's expression is very calm, a faint smile, said: "Do you think I have been defeated?" "I can't think of anything else,cosmetic plastic tube," said Jiang Yunan. "Wait and see," said Zhou Peng. Jiang Yunan flattened his chest with a long sword and said, "When are you going to do it?" Zhou Peng said, "It seems that I have to wait until the time is good for me." Jiang Yunan said, "I wonder if Master Zhou has ever thought about whether we will let you wait." Zhou Peng smiled and said, "If you can't wait for me to do it, you'll have to go ahead." Jiang Yunan said coldly, "Master Zhou and our conflict this time has always been your active manipulation. However, we will also have moments when you are not satisfied." "Shaoxia Jiang is ready to make a move now," said Zhou Peng. "Yes,empty cosmetic tubes," said Jiang Yunan. Zhou Peng smiled and said, "Good!"! Be my guest. Jiang Yunan stabbed three swords, but Zhou Peng avoided the three swords. Strangely, Zhou Peng did not fight back. Jiang Yunan stopped his sword and said, "Master Zhou, at this moment, it doesn't seem to be going well for you." Zhou Peng said: "Good and bad change, often in a moment, this is nothing." "Master Zhou," said Jiang Yunan, "although you have the unique knowledge of the Demon Sect, I'm afraid you can't stop our joint offensive." "Are you going to join hands to deal with me alone?" Asked Zhou Peng. "Yes," said Jiang Yunan. Zhou Peng said, "Aren't you afraid of losing your status if you join hands to attack more against less?" Tian Rong said, "That depends on what kind of person we deal with. Even if a hundred people beat you, it's not too much to deal with a big evil like you, Zhou Peng." Jiang Yunan said, plastic packing tube ,tube lip gloss, "It's important for you to know yourself. If you feel that you are no match for us, I have a way to sue for peace.". If you hand over the antidote in your arms, you will give up today. Zhou Peng hesitated for a moment and said, "What kind of poison have you been poisoned by?" "Like Jin Changjiu," said Jiang Yunan, "if he can take it, so can we." Zhou Peng said with a faint smile, "That's right, but I want to ask one thing." "What's the matter?" Asked Jiang Yunan. "How can I leave safely after handing over the antidote?" Asked Zhou Peng. "If you can trust us," said Jiang Yunan, "I'm willing to make a pledge." "Actually," said Zhou Peng, "I can't trust you even if you make a pledge." "Brother Jiang," said Tian Rong, "you don't have to talk to him anymore. This kind of person measures people with the heart of a mean person everywhere. You can't talk to him to get a result." "Unless you give up your intention to get the antidote," said Zhou Peng. Tian Rong said with a smile, "Is the antidote on you?" "Not bad," said Zhou Peng. "That's easy," said Tian Rong. "If we kill you, we can get it." Zhou Peng smiled faintly and said, "It depends on your ability. However, when I knew I was defeated, I destroyed this bottle of antidote." "I don't believe it," said Tian Rong. "You still have time to get the antidote.." "Zhou Peng," he answered, "I'm afraid you haven't thought of one thing yet." "What's the matter?" Asked Zhou Peng. "We've all been poisoned," said Tian Rong. "If we can't get the antidote, we'll die. ” "It's a dead end.." said Zhou Peng. Tian Rong answered, "So we have to find a way to kill you, because it concerns our survival." Zhou Peng looked up to the sky and laughed three times, saying, "If you really killed me, Zhou, that's the enemy of life and death of the Beggars' Sect. Not to mention that I have nearly a hundred trusted followers and elite disciples ambushed under the bluestone building. You don't have much chance to leave here. Even if you can break through the siege, 128 of the Beggars' Sect will be divided into rudders, and tens of thousands of disciples will not give up with you." Wang Fei gave a sneer and said, "Master Zhou can rest assured. I'll explain that to them." "Wang Fei," said Zhou Peng, "your great crime of betraying the Sect Leader cannot be pardoned even if you die." Wang Fei said in awe, "The Beggars' Sect respects the Sect Leader too much. Once the Sect Leader has a problem, the whole Beggars' Sect will be affected by him. We help you slaughter the disciples of our own Sect. The pain in our hearts is indescribable. There is only one intention.." Zhou Peng answered, "Find out my true identity?" "Yes," said Wang Fei! But you are too cunning. Although we have tried our best to show our confidence in you and give you what you like, you still refuse to take us as your confidants. Zhou Peng said, "I trusted you once today, and I suffered such a great loss. How can I trust you in the future?" "Today," said Wang Fei, "we finally found out where you came from.." Zhou Peng gave a sneer and said, "If that girl hadn't betrayed the Demon Sect, you still couldn't prove it.." He cast his eyes on Sanfeng and said, "Remember, those who betray the Demon Sect will be punished. No one can bear the pain of burning himself with the Demon Flame." "I know," said Sanfeng. "That's why I've already thought of a way to kill myself. When it comes to the burning of the demon flame, I'll make my own decision." Chapter 21 Abandoning the Dark and Turning to the Light The two elders, Wang and Hua, suddenly looked back at Zhou Peng and said,metal cosmetic tubes, "Zhou Peng, you have done enough evil in the Beggars' Sect. Now, are you tied up?"? Or do we have to do it? "How dare you attack the Sect Leader?" Asked Zhou Peng. 。 emptycosmetictubes.com

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