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One evening, I leaned over the stern railing and watched the unique cloud floating alone in the northwest. It was the first time we had seen a cloud since we left Batavia, and it was striking because of its special color. I stared at it until the sun went down. At that moment, the clouds suddenly spread to the east and west, forming a narrow haze at the junction of the sky and the water, shaped like a long shoal. Soon my attention was drawn back to the dark red moon and the rare seascape. The sea is changing rapidly, but the water seems to be more transparent than usual. Although I could see the bottom of the sea clearly, I dropped a measure of lead and realized that the depth of the ship was 15 fathoms. The air became unbearably hot at this time. The hot air curled up as if it were rising from a hot iron. Night came, there was no wind, and there was an unimaginable silence all around. On the poop deck, a candle does not even flutter for a moment; a long hair cannot flutter when it is pinched between the fingers. The captain, however, said there was no danger in sight, and as soon as our ship had drifted to the shore,pump tube, he ordered the sails to be furled and the anchor to be dropped. There was no one on duty to keep vigil, and the sailors, mostly Malays, spread themselves out on the deck and fell asleep. I went back to the cabin with a premonition of misfortune. Seriously, all the signs are that Simon Wind-a desert heat storm-is coming. I told the captain of my fears. But he was indifferent to my words, and without even deigning to answer me,cosmetic tube packaging, he walked away. I was so restless that I couldn't sleep at all. About midnight, I climbed onto the deck. As soon as I stepped on the top step of the quarter-deck ladder, I was petrified. There was a loud hum, like the rapid turning of a waterwheel. Before I could figure out what was going on, I felt the hull of the ship shake open. Then a huge wave hit the end of the beam, sweeping wave after wave from the bow to the stern, sweeping the whole deck. To a large extent, it was the fierce waves that saved our ship. Although the whole ship was filled with water, the mast had been broken by a huge wave and fell into the sea. The ship soon struggled to the surface of the sea. After shaking in the storm for a while, it finally recovered its stability. It is hard to say what miracle saved me from death. I was knocked unconscious by the huge wave, plastic packaging tube ,plastic laminted tube, and when I woke up, I found myself stuck between the stern post and the rudder. It took me a lot of effort to get up. I looked around in a giddy way, and suddenly I realized that the ship had met the rolling waves, and that it had been caught in an overwhelming whirlpool, which was so terrible that it swallowed us all up. After a while, I heard the voice of an old Swedish man. He came up just as the ship was about to leave port. I shouted at him as hard as I could, and he lurched to the stern. We soon found out that we were the only survivors of the accident. Everyone on the deck was swept overboard except me and him. The captain and his deputies must have died in their sleep, for the cabin was filled with water. There is no one to help. We can't get the ship out of danger at all. Thinking that the ship might sink at any moment, we didn't take any measures at first. Of course, our anchor line had already broken into pieces like a thread on a parcel under the power of the first hurricane, otherwise the ship would have been overturned immediately. The ship moved with the waves at a terrible speed. The current splashed against the planks of the boat. The frame of the stern was in pieces. In fact, it is already full of holes. To our delight, the pump didn't break and the ballast didn't move much. The worst of the storm was over, and we hardly felt the danger of the wind, but we were still depressed and hoped that it would subside completely. The ship was in such a state of disrepair that we were fully convinced that the waves that followed would surely kill us. However, it seems that such a reasonable inference will not be realized immediately. Because for five days and five nights, the hulk was driven by the strong wind, drifting at an incalculable speed. The wind was not as strong as the first heat storm, but it was still more terrible than any I had ever seen before. For five days and nights we lived on a little coconut sugar, which we had so much trouble getting from the forecastle below the front deck. Of course, in the first four days, our course was basically the same, only wandering in the southeast and due south. We must be drifting along the coast of New Holland. On the fifth day, the wind gradually changed to a more northerly direction, but it was also colder. The sun rose slightly above the horizon, a sickly yellow-no light radiating from it. There were no clouds in the sky, but the wind was changeable, blowing more and more fiercely. At about noon-the time is only our guess-the sun again grabbed our attention. It did not emit light in the usual sense, but a kind of dim halo, but there was no radiant heat, as if all the light had melted away. Before sinking into the noisy sea, the middle part of the halo suddenly disappeared, as if it had been hastily extinguished by unexplained forces,pump tube, leaving only a frame, a silver frame, plunging into the unfathomable sea. emptycosmetictubes.com

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