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Although Qiaoyuan looks out of tune at ordinary times, he can become a police commissioner at the municipal level from a "bad student" who was not favored by anyone at the beginning. This will prove that in many ways he is extremely fair and rigorous, and does not act on impulse. Now, if that prop card is as useful as it says. Giving up the challenge is equivalent to completely saving the lives of Yao Xiangming and Luo Jixue. A person to continue to escape, and then lead to their own death with all the people; or now immediately give up, keep Yao Xiangming and Luo Jixue. Between these two choices, Qiaoyuan can only choose the latter. But Brother Qiao! Do you really believe that this prop card works? What if this is a lie to us? Yao Xiangming threw his arm and pointed to the air: "We have been played more than once!"! You can't trust them! Maybe it just wants to see you in pain after being cheated!? "Yes!" "Don't fall into the trap," agreed Luo Jixue. Qiaoyuan grinned, and his tone was indescribably weak: "What it wants to see most is now.". Every arrangement of the world, every appearance of the prop card, is for the present. Especially this one. He said, pulling out the prop card he was using. If it were another group, would it give such a big "bargain"? It's just for us. Whatever choice we make, it can be very "dramatic." “…… It's just,ghana seed extract, it's disgusting. Luo Jixue clenched his fist, and his body trembled gently, unable to suppress his emotions. Although Yao Xiangming was so angry that he wanted to explode in situ, he still tried his best to persuade him: "That's the case!"! Don't they just want to see you give up saving brother Yu and suffer for a lifetime? At least continue to fight! In case I just say in case, if you are really going to fail, you can use this one second in advance! There's still hope of winning now,turmeric extract powder, as long as you can get out! [Ding, when the system determines that the last person must die, the use of the prop card is invalid. Please use it as soon as possible.] "I X you X!!!" This voice makes Yao Xiangming can't help but look up and explode directly, but his rude words are just these two sentences. Originally, he wanted to continue to face the customer service to a set of three qualities, but the words were so poor that he could not think of cursing words. He could only turn his eyes to Qiaoyuan again and continue to persuade him: "Don't listen to him!"! Don't use this card! In case it plays tricks on you, for example, Luo Jixue and I are dead in the end, so you can only continue to live alone and so on! We swear by God that this prop card will save the three of you from all suffering in this world, including death and memory. As long as the prop card is used successfully, rosmarinic acid supplement ,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, you can all return to normal life intact, as if you had never been here. "Are you here to mess with me?!?" Yao Xiangming shouted loudly in situ, and even rushed directly to Qiaoyuan's side and grabbed his shoulder. Brother Qiao! I don't need your help! I risk my life! Let Brother Yu come back too!!! Luo Jixue also rushed over and said, "Me too.". Anyway, I don't have any relatives, and you saved my life. Even if I give you my life back, I have no complaints! I'm not giving up the challenge! Wake up! "You should be sober!" Qiaoyuan raised his head with an angry look on his face. "Don't you cherish your own life so much?"? Talk about giving me back my life. You He stepped in front of Luo Jixue, looking down at Luo Jixue with bloodshot eyes. Luo Jixue was startled and couldn't help taking a step back. Qiaoyuan said in a gloomy tone, "Yu Zizhe saved your life. You should take good care of him. Otherwise, what you want him to do is in vain?!" "This.." Luo Jixue's words stuck in his throat, and the previous impulse was directly extinguished by a basin of cold water. She could not find any reason to convince Qiaoyuan, because Qiaoyuan's words were even more reasonable. Yao Xiangming was even more anxious, and his teammates were killed directly, so it was even more difficult to convince Qiaoyuan. Nope You can't use this prop card! Anyway, no!!! Since it doesn't make sense, we can only use violence. Yao Xiangming roared and pounced directly on Qiaoyuan, who had not reacted. Although he is almost transparent now, he can also touch Qiaoyuan. And in this state, he recovered to normal physical strength, while Qiaoyuan was still injured all over. With such a direct attack, Yao Xiangming pressed Qiaoyuan to the ground. The prop card was seized by Qiaoyuan, and Yao Xiangming immediately reached out to grab it. What are you doing! Let go of me! Qiaoyuan tried to break free from Yao Xiangming's suppression, but Yao Xiangming's own strength was the peak of the team, and it was extremely difficult to escape after being restrained. Don't let go! Give me the prop card! Yao Xiangming pressed Qiaoyuan's vest with one hand and reached for something with the other. He grabbed Qiaoyuan's hand and broke off his fingers little by little. Yao Xiangming! How dare you!? Let go of me! Qiaoyuan struggled, but still could only watch the other side pinch the prop card in his hand. But at this time, another hand that did not belong to the two people appeared out of thin air and grabbed Yao Xiangming's wrist. Yao Xiangming, don't do this. Three people startled, looked up, unexpectedly is the figure of the same transparent Yu Zizhe appeared. He pushed Yao Xiangming away directly and helped Qiaoyuan stand up. Brother Yu!!! Yao Xiangming was so angry that he stamped his feet in the same place: "Why do you stand on the side of the overseas Chinese brother?"! Don't you want to be resurrected? Don't you want to get back together with brother Qiao!? Yu Zizhe lowered his eyes and looked sad for a moment. But soon, he returned to his calm and serious appearance. Don't be capricious, Yao Xiangming. I'm dead, and I want you to accept it and not do the stupid thing of sacrificing yourself for a dead man. "We can save you, Brother Yu!"! Do you know how sad brother Qiao was after you left? He's almost a different person! Please come back! We can't live without you! "Sorry, it's a compulsory course to accept the death of a Comrade in arms. Stop thinking about it." Yu Zizhe's eyes cooled down,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, and after he picked up Qiaoyuan, he stood aside and stopped talking, as if waiting for something. prius-biotech.com

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