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On the surface, this famous memorial is only the beginning of the real "Xining Flourishing Age". From the day the memorial was played, with the continuous efforts of the emperors and ministers of the Song Dynasty, the Song Dynasty went through a period of rapid economic development for 30 years. Although there were many wars in the middle, the economic development has never slowed down. However, the real historical emperors Zhao Xu, Wang Jinghui, Sima Guang, Wang Anshi, Wen Yanbo, Zeng Gongliang and others all knew that there was a 150000-word "Shi Hui Memorial" behind them. Wang Jinghui took the initiative to invite Wang Anshi and jointly wrote the "New Reform School" memorial after a month of mutual talks. However, this "Shi Hui Memorial" was originally written by Wang Jinghui to communicate with Wang Anshi, and Wang Anshi saw a new world in the original document of this memorial-Wang Jinghui not only raised questions and gave his own solutions to the problem, but also made a detailed explanation, which made Wang Anshi gain a lot. What surprised Wang Anshi most was that the memorial they exchanged with each other was not written in a short time, but had been written since the second year of Xining. Although the "Shi Hui Memorial" was circulated among the top rulers of the Song Dynasty,plastic cosmetic tubes, Wang Jinghui refused Wang Anshi's request to be his own author, and put Wang Anshi's name in front of his own, in order to show his support for the reform of the court. Wang Jinghui did so, on the one hand, to reconcile his relationship with Wang Anshi, on the other hand,custom cosmetic packaging, he intended to personally exert great influence on Wang Anshi from the front-Wang Anshi's political reform has never been smooth. When there were different problems in several new laws, Wang Anshi himself used his influence and political skills to safeguard the interests of the reformists. In addition, it also reflects on the problems that arise. Even Wang Anshi himself is confused about whether it is necessary to continue the reform. At this time, he can open another window for Wang Anshi and let him go on. Even if Wang Anshi feels that it is not in line with his original intention, he has no other better way but to choose the path provided by Wang Jinghui. In Wang Jinghui's view, although the financial crisis of the Song Dynasty has been greatly alleviated for the time being, it has not been fundamentally solved, but the contradiction will continue to be hidden for future generations. Now for the big pillow, the external political situation is unprecedentedly good, after eliminating such a major threat as the Western Xia. The Song Dynasty will have more energy to deal with its own internal problems. Wang Jinghui also believed that while Wang Anshi, Sima Guang and others were still alive, cosmetic tube ,polyfoil tube, they should use their powerful political prestige to solve the deep-seated problems of the Song Dynasty. In Wang Jinghui's memory, both of them died at the same time in 1086, and there were only 12 years left from the present life span, which was neither long nor short. Only through the banner of the two of them can we break through all the resistance and complete all the shortcomings of the political system planted since the Taizu Taizong era. The real value of Sima Guang and Wang Anshi is reflected in the reform of official system and military reform. Only they can make all officials keep their mouths shut and obey the reform. Wang Anshi is famous for not afraid to spend money, what he emphasizes is open source, which is contrary to the political views of his old friend Sima Guang, and Wang Jinghui's first suggestion to Wang Anshi is to start tightening finance, especially to tighten administrative expenditure, the most specific foothold is to abolish and merge prefectures and counties, which can greatly reduce the official system of the Song Dynasty. And more people will be exempted from forced labor. The result of doing so can also reduce the disaster brought by the service law to the people, more importantly, this has always been Sima Guang's initiative, as long as the two people can work together to do one thing, that basically there will not be too much resistance, success is also an easy thing-Wang Anshi is now short of a success to strengthen his political reputation. Although this also needs to cooperate with Sima Guang, it is better than nothing! The merger of prefectures and counties was to merge the eight levels of counties in the previous Song system into four levels of counties directly under the capital, large, medium and small, and to abolish and merge all counties with less than 1000 households. In this way, except for the newly recovered territory of the Western Xia Dynasty, the number of county-level administrative units in the whole country would be reduced to less than 700. The most intuitive way to do this is that the overstaffed official system in the Song Dynasty may not achieve the goal of "losing weight" because of the reduction of more than 1000 local officials, but the regional administrative system will be more refined-thus achieving the first step of streamlining the administrative organs and overstaffed bureaucrats discussed by Wang Jinghui and Wang Anshi, and then finding ways to do so. To really solve the long-standing "overlapping" official system in the Song Dynasty. In fact, what makes Wang Jinghui even more excited is that once the abolition and merger of prefectures and counties is completed, at least 130,000 people will no longer have to serve as corvee. Perhaps the population of 130 thousand people and 100 million is not proportional, but it is of great significance to solve the increasingly acute internal contradictions of the Song Dynasty, especially to restore Wang Anshi's reputation for becoming increasingly notorious because of the Baojia Law. Wang Anshi was also worried that the abolition of the merger of prefectures and counties would destroy the jobs of at least one thousand officials, but the thought that 130,000 people could not serve as corvee made him make the right choice-of course, these local officials who had their jobs smashed could be granted certain subsidies by the court and go to Lingnan, Nanyang or Xixia. That is the area where there is a shortage of officials. As Wang Jinghui had expected, when Wang Anshi proposed to abolish and merge the state and county memorials, there was a huge controversy between the government and the public. The three major newspapers of the Song Dynasty followed up the report in an all-round way, and the scholars in the forest also launched a heated debate. The editors of the three major newspapers of the Song Dynasty were all very good. Their vision was more powerful than that of the examiners in Chengxing. All the articles published were excellent. In addition to having a very considerable contribution fee to take, what the scholars really saw was that they could publish articles in newspapers and at the same time be valued by powerful court officials,custom cosmetic packing, or be promoted, or directly recruited into the shogunate, which was like the "line volume" of the Tang Dynasty. emptycosmetictubes.com

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